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Stop Child Abuse



Jan 27, 2015
Hi there,

Today, I am going to share a real life horrible story with you all, so that you should also know how to stop child abuse.

There is a family living near my neighborhood, I overheard many times the screams and shouts. I investigated deep down and got to know that the parents (Dad and step-mom) used to beat their son brutally, I was shattered.
Last week I decided to rescue the little boy who is only 5 years old. During my investigation, I came across a site named Know violence in childhood, it's an NGO that works to prevent violence in childhood. They helped that little boy to get out of threat.
He deserves to be happy! My inner soul is feeling proud that I have done something good this year! And yes, not to forget KVIC team!

So guys every child is innocent, save them from fear!

Together we will, together we can! :peace:

Guys do share your stories, and let us know about your bravery!
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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
It's really wonderful that you acted and hopefully that will make a huge difference on that boy's life.
Too often it's easy to ignore red flags and doubt ourselves, or tell ourselves it's not our place to do or say anything, but this goes to show that acting on an instinct can essentially save a life.

Being embarrassed if you've got something wrong and it turns out no violence is taking place is surely preferable to regret if it turns out to be too late.