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Stomach hurts i have a Headache



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Oct 4, 2019
United Kingdom
The reason I feel the way I do is because I am getting tortured day in and day out. They ttalk about my past but I haven't did anything I'd be scared off. I have no friends which is not a reflection of my character they are through my body past friends talking as if I should worried. They say therel the authorities are there in the town they say they have terrorised me before when I was little and now they want to do it again. I have 3 children on my own, nd are tor ttortured everyday they say it's a role played mental illness although they are there 24/7 without caringbabout what there saying I can feel them glaring at me and it really gets in my head.My head have hurt everyday this week. I just really don't know what to do.


Oct 9, 2019
south africa
Hi Georgina,
Maybe you are feeling guilty about something personal you may have done that you haven't forgiven yourself about, or maybe you have't forgiven other people for what they have done to you.
It is natural in a psychotic state to feel as if people are glaring at you, but in 9/10 cases they aren't and its your brain playing tricks on you.


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Feb 2, 2019
one day I was sick, so I stayed in bed all day. I also had a headache. I layed down with my hand on my head covering the part with the headache.

shortly, the headache went away. I then suspected that covering the affected area with my hand could make headaches go away. since then , I have repeated this many many times and it works. I no longer suffer from daily headaches.

I also realized that the headaches are caused by extra terrestrial energy beams. I wear a baseball cap covered with aluminum screening, aluminum tape, aluminum foil, and I taped coins to it to increase the density, and the headaches never come back when I wear the hat. it works. the are above and to the right of my right eye is where I get the most headaches. I feel a vibration at that spot when I wear the aluminum coated hat, and I feel heat build up inside the hat but just in the spot near where I get headaches. it took about 1 month of wearing the hat daily before the headaches went away completely.

there appear to be 4 beams targeting me at all times. 1 targets my root chakra, 1 above my left eye, 1 above my right eye, and 1 behind my left ear. I can feel the direction the beam is coming from. when I place my hand in the path of the beam, it stops the voices, so I know the beam is coming from that direction.

swimming under water blocks all the beams and makes all the voices go away immediately.
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