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Stigma: My 70 Years of Bipolar Disorder



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Oct 10, 2009
George Town Tasmania Australia
Part 1:

Social stigma, and the personal trauma that is often involved, can result from some perception, rightly or wrongly, of mental illness, of physical disabilities, of diseases such as leprosy, of illegitimacy, of sexual orientation, of gender-identity, of skin tone, of education, of nationality, of ethnicity, of ideology, of religion, or of criminality.

Attributes associated with social stigma often vary depending on the geopolitical, and of corresponding socio-political contexts, employed by society in different parts of the world. According to Irving Goffman, arguably the most famous of 20th century sociologists, there are three forms of social stigma as follows:

1. Overt or external deformations, such as scars, physical manifestations of anorexia nervosa, leprosy(leprosy stigma), or of a physical disability or social disability, such as obesity.

2.Deviations in personal traits, including mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, and criminal background are stigmatized in this way.

3."Tribal stigmas" are traits, imagined or real, of ethnic group, nationality, or of religion that is deemed to be a deviation from the prevailing normative ethnicity, nationality or religion.

Part 2:

In the last dozen years I have written to literally 1000s of others in cyberspace, for the most part at specialized health sites, and I am happy to reply and to engage in an ongoing dialogue about their troubles and problems. This is part of my volunteer-work in these years of my retirement from FT and PT paid-employment, from most other volunteer and casual work and the demands of student life which had engaged me, in one way or another for 60 years, from 1949 to 2009 when I went on an old-age pension.

I leave this, and this offer, with readers who have to deal with highly personal problems, and would like to write about them as one might to a friend where confidentiality is respected. I don't even talk to my wife about those who write to me on these subjects. She has no idea who is writing to me. In addition, I do not keep a copy of incoming emails or my responses in my hard-drive. I do keep copies until the dialogue, the discussion, the exchange, is completed, and then I delete it all. Then the person and their emails are not in my correspondence-file. My email address is: [email protected]
Part 3:

Those interested in depression, which hit me for the first time, like Ian Thorpe, in my teens may find my account especially helpful(Google: Ron Price BPD) The still highly stigmatized field of mental health is finally, in the last decade or so, coming into the light of public recognition. Understanding is still a long way off, but accounts like mine, like the one below, are intended to help with this increasing public understanding. The increasing levels of de-stigmatization that are gradually helping both the mentally-ill, and those who would like to understand this complex subject, this vast field, are part and parcel of society's progress.

As we all head with the speed of light through this 21st century and beyond into what will be, in many ways, a utopian global community, we each can play our own parts in this progress if we have the desire. The account below is some of my part in this progress and this process. My cosmology, my world view, is that humanity is going through the stage of adolescence after a very long childhood, and maturity, the adult stage, of civilization is gradually going to break out, if it has not already started, in this late adolescence with all its troubles and woes, struggles and crises. I am both an optimist and a realist.
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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
You sound like a very fascinating person with a lot of experience and wisdom to share.
My brain is a bit frazzled at the moment and i'm feeling a bit too tired to read, but when i'm a bit more able to concentrate i'll certainly Google and hopefully read your accounts.
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