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staying in



New member
Apr 19, 2015
I had a deli for 2 years about 4 months ago i closed it due to slugish business. I would work ten hours days but was not doing any buss really,became depressed..The last 3months i basically stay in my apt,not wanting to go outside unless i need stuff for home.. When i do go out i feel panicky,scared,just an overwhelming feeling i wanna run back home...ehats wrong with me?


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Hi and welcome to the forum.
What you describe does sound like anxiety.
Have you experienced this in the past, or has this been since your deli closed? I'm sorry to hear that you had to close it due to slow business, by the way.

Can you identify if there is anything in particular that you are scared of when you go out?
For example, are you worried that someone you know might see you and want to talk to you?

It sounds as though going from being very busy to spending a lot of time in your apartment may be making the situation worse.
Sometimes it can be difficult to keep our minds healthy if we don't have something to focus on.
Are there any activities that you would feel able to do that would help keep your mind occupied and build your confidence back up again?
It could be something simple like going swimming or visiting the library.
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