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Starting work - 10 years of depression and anxity - feeling discriminated



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May 16, 2010
Starting work - 10 years of depression and anxity - feeling discriminated

Hi all

My first post, looking for some advice.

I have/had depression and anxity issues for the last 12 years or so.

I will spare you the details of my life but you could say i have seen and experienced more in the last 12 years than many people do in a life time.

Fast forward to November 2009, i with the help of my current partner, my clinical psychologist and helping my self managed to get myself back to work after a 10 year gap.

I love my job and also the way i have turned my life around BUT i really feel as if i am being discriminated against (I will go in to detail if there is any body out their who can give me some advice) ... basicly i went for an internal position in my work place with another employe (who is a foriegner).

I have worked for my employer for 12 months longer, have a far supperior job knowlege, before i was struck with my mental illness i worked in a management postion for one of the largest restaurants in the world, i have lots of qualifications in my area of work yet i did not get the job, the foreign worker can not answer the telephone because of the language barrier and the foreign worker dose not and never has been over to other departments in our work place (which is a big part of our job) again because of the language barrier, i do all of the above and know every depatment inside out.

The job i went for was an evening shift job, BUT the suppervisor for this shift has always had a problem with me (i dont no why?), i try to get on with everybody, i have have a positive working attitude and work dam hard for my employer, i always treat people with respect and treat them who i would like to be treated in return.

But within a week of this person getting the job, i was told by 5 people on the shift that i DID NOT get the job because of the suppervisor who has a problem with, she was meant to have been gobbibg off the week before the interview process saying 'if she had her way i would not be getting the job' and that is exactly what has happened.

All this is really getting me down as i am getting the feeling that my face dose not fit in, no matter how hard i try and work ... the feedback i was given was total bulls poo poo (again i will go into detail if there is anybody out there who can help with some advice)
I am starting to feel depressed again and it is killing me as all i am trying to do is make it in life and it feels like no matter how hard i try to turn my life around, it dose not matter because it feels like my face dose'nt and will not ever fit :unsure:

Kind regards.
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Dec 13, 2009
Dont have much advice but...

...no else has replied so ill give it a go :)

First off, sorry this has happened and congrats on getting through the troubles you've had.

It sounds like you have a case against your employer. I am not a lawyer nor have I any knowledge of work law, but it sounds like you have been discriminated against.

If you can get those other people to back you up it may be worth speaking to a solicitor for advice.

But don't let it get you down. This person has someting against you. Chances are they are jealous for some reason. Perhaps because you get on better with other staff than them!


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Jul 28, 2009
hi there
well done on getting back into the work place x
ok then at your place of work do you have a HR officer or Personnel Manager? if so you can ask for a formal meeting to discuss the reason why you wernt sucsessfull on this occasion. if you dont have one of the above there must be someone who is over all in charge. you should requst the meeting in a letter and keep a diary of events.
you should prepare some of the questions you would like answers to, and ask how your employer scores potential employees in regard to positions.
you must behave in a profesional manner at all times.
you could ask quetions such as if a similer position would be available how best could you improve your chances of gaining that position, such as further training.
it could be that your employer is mindfull that you have suffered from depression and doesnt want to put you under more stress, this is only you can talk about.
i have been in a similar position in reversal over the last 2 years i have been under alot of pressure at work and home life and i have had my work load redused, and missed a promotion. but now i am on the mend i can get back on the horse!!
regards x


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May 21, 2010
My advice might seem quite radical but try not to dismiss it and give it some thought.

Is this person going to leave or get the sack? I suspect not, if she really has such influence and is able to get other people to act on her delusions (as these clearly are about you) then she is being backed up and is unlikely to leave voluntarily. In that case, do you really want to carry on working with her? She's a supervisor, she has power over you and is abusing it. The depression comes from knowing that you can't win this battle and part of you is having to relive some previous abuse or mistreatment of some kind. You could go down the route of a tribunal but do you really want to have that battle and that on your work record? Why not look for another job, meet the people you're going to work with and find somewhere where people are properly managed in the way that we all deserve. The thing with those of us who have been through and identified mental health issues is that we have low tolerance for abuse and little time for the denial and delusions of other people. Don't allow this person to ruin your life, take charge, move on and leave this abusive person behind. Good luck xx
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