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starting to feel that lithium fog

thing fish

thing fish

Well-known member
Oct 1, 2009
yeah. it's happening. i have titrated up to the therapeutic dose of 900mg's per day and it is leaving me in a constant fog.
i don't like the fog but it is better than the alternative don't ya think


Nov 13, 2009
Definitely better than the alternative. I'm taking 1400mg daily. I've always needed a high dose to get into the therapuetic zone. Go Lithium power!


Nov 25, 2009
yeah. it's happening. i have titrated up to the therapeutic dose of 900mg's per day and it is leaving me in a constant fog.
i don't like the fog but it is better than the alternative don't ya think
Of course it is but if its too much talk to you doctor. You don't want to feel foggy or moody, you want to feel JUST right, right? :)
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