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Starting DBT and terrified


so sad

Well-known member
Feb 24, 2016
So next Tuesday I start DBT. I'm really pleased I've been accepted onto it as I think its the only thing that may make a difference. BUT.... I'm freaking out.

1. Its a group thing each week for 2.5 hours. I don't do group things at the best of times but to be doing something that will make me very vulnerable with people who know each other but not me, feels completing overwhelming.

2. I work full time and although I can get a bit of a credit time wise it means a lot of shuffling round of hours and I'm worried I won't manage it as well as I need to. I have a very supportive manager but she can only tolerate so much

3. I think the DBT will change how I cope with my partner. She can be quite controlling and I behave in a very specific way with her (I'm very under-confident with her and I'm very submissive as a result). The DBT will hopefully change that but we've together 24 years and what if she doesn't like the 'new' me?

Although I wanted this desperately, now I've got it, I'm so scared. I wish I could just disappear, forever then none of this would actually matter.

What if I fail (like I do with everything else)?

The Owl

The Owl

Well-known member
Jul 7, 2018
OK First of all,...... DON'T WORRY!

DBT is easy, all you need to do is simplify it!

Every one in your group will have the same concerns as you.

The reason its simple is because they want you to try, the ideas they are going to use.

The hard thing is "using the new ideas" insted of the methods you have been using!

I do not think its posible th fail this!!! Stick with it, and go to each part. DONT GIVE UP. The tutors are there to help you! USE THEM. Especialy if you don't get it.

Or you could just post if you strugle with any thing.

Best Wishes,

P.S. Your partner will love the new you. It will help you, to be the dream partner... ;)