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Start of the week. Spiritual challenges.



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Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
My closest relative has accepted mental limitations.

They are ok. Nothing wrong about them. I have them. We all do.

This is another reason why I am an avid advocate for schitsofrenia.

I lost a little brother to suicide a few years back. Sometimes this illness sucks. But there is great hope.

This forum is extremely supportive. I cry. Here is where I come to be free. To not be judged. To not be hurt by this outside world.

Times are challenging to say the least. For the world.

But please. Come into my universe.

I graduated with a concentration on psychology to help my family. I needed the help myself.

I told my relative that therapy worked wonders for me. And that it taught me to self help; my own mental health.

This is an ongoing thing. Everyday. We make it better. Let me tell you about my day.

My insecurities are my business partners. They motivate me like the terminator series. Here's my motto. $ that.... I'll Be Back... Lol

I have another partnership with God.

I give 10% to Gods people. God lets me keep the other 90%... Sweet...

Well. All day long. My insecurities are telling me all kinds of poisonous bs.... I have to give it to them. They work almost as hard as I do.

But. They have made me millions.

Talking all this nonsense in my head... While I am making millions. And I owe it to all the negative bs... Because I do the complete opposite.

So I decided to promote my insecurities to top senior advisors. Lmao.

I need them long term. Now I am welcoming them to stay like Sonny from a bronx tale...

Now... Yous cant leave... Lmao.

I have goals so big... That I will need them to light my fire! I have a huge family that I love. That I support completely. That need my help.

I have new babies on the way. And they all need my business to be super successful so that we are all well taken care of.

Thank you always telling me I was nothing!

It made me rich... Like Rick James! @$!#:;

I wake up early. Work my @$! Off all day. Then a few times a day... I hear some negative bs... I laugh... And invest more and more each day.

I get to praise God and enjoy my beautiful family. While my portfolio yields more and more dividends. More and more new opportunities. I create new companies. I create new jobs. I help more churches and charities. And I do it all over again.

I set a goal so big... I am extremely proud of myself.

Little girl. Desperate medical condition overseas. Fighting for her life. Needs an expensive life saving medical procedure.

There was a charity event held to raise money. I learned a little bit about the condition. In fact I am still learning.

My goal.

Save a few childrens lives per year. !!!

Not just now. FOREVER!

For the rest of my life!

This is the best feeling in the world. To be able to visit a family over seas. Bring my own family there and pray for them. Give them our love. And tell them. No more tears. We will handle everything. Get cured!

I swear on the highest power. A good man of faith with a shattered mind... Has figured this life puzzle out!

Even with little love or understanding. I am able to love. I am able to give outside of myself!

My childhood was not easy. I come from nothing. I went from homeless to millions.

I kept my faith. I suffered but I stayed humble. I lost everything a person can loose.

The biggest pain was loosing my mind.

Feeling alone.

This condition was a bi product of extreme pain and extreme hurt and extreme pressure.

Not because I was missing something. Not because I was cursed. Not because I was not worthy of happiness.

There was never anything wrong with me. Life happened. Like it happens to us all. I was not properly equipped to handle everything. But everything I did handle; I handled very well.

For the parts missing. Or fragmented. I looked for help. For other important elements I educated myself. I searched within and helped others.

Even in my nightmares I defeat all of these demons.

I work and educate myself daily. I pray. Conduct my businesses. Care for my parents. My family. My children. I teach my children daily. I used to teach at the public library for free. But now that's all done remotely online.

I make time for my wife. My house. Even my neighbors. Every day. I thank God for this life that has been gifted to me.

My relative today has faced that.. There are limitations... Sometimes in all of us that maybe... We did not insert there...

We have to retrace our foot steps... The chapters of our lives. ... To face any challenges... Elements.. Thoughts... Things...

To overcome them.

To change the feeling connected to those hurtful moments or events.. That may or may not have been traumatic.

Just to see. There is a higher mountain just ahead. For us to climb again.

Its ok. Its all good. We got this.

My other relative has gotten some prayers answered. Finally overcoming some mental limitations as well.

My other relative also has received excellent news. Another miracle. Prayers answered.

Everywhere I go.

I found a charm close to my office. I won't tell you how I found it. Or how I know it was blessed. ...

I know that it came from a group of people in my church...

In my culture. People will buy a rosary or charm and pray over it; and give it as a gift.

Mine was a prayer for protection.

I decided to accept it.

I decided to pray on it.

Very few moments in life where you get little things like this... I remembered all of the times. I went to my churches and bought little rosaries etc.

Cool. Things valued by a humble down to earth man of faith.

I spend most of my time teaching my babies and teaching myself.

My family is starting to heal. My wife and I lost a child. My godson also lost his life years ago..... It has been hard. Even on my babies.

But finally. We are healing. We are moving on.

God blessed me with a new house today.

The opportunity is there.

Plus. If it does not work out. It does not matter. Because my babies have made some new friends. ...

Life is a balance. And life is like a box of chocolates.

You never now what your gonna get.

Yes for all you Mandela effect followers.

I am a time traveler. But I am from that universe.

Yes. The: LUKE' I AM YOUR FATHER!!! Universe.

Not this other... Whatever...

But thank you for crying with me. You know? Don't get mushy on me but, you guys are starting to grow on me....

I have to let you all know somewhere out there in the matrix.... We are not alone.

Making sense of all of these valleys and peaks... Opportunities mixed with difficulties...

We have to pray and power through.

Is that the new Lamborghini?

No. Its an older beat up one. Fixed it myself with junk yard parts.

Why don't you get the new one?

I use that opportunity every year to save a childs life!

You serious?

Yeah. God has a plan...

What's your name?


May The Force Always Be With You.

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