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start my lithium again tonight but worried...



after having nearly 2 weeks off my lithium and lots of visits by cpn ive been told to start taking them again but starting on a small dose and then after 3 days uping them and so on every 3 days till I get back to my usual dose of 1200..

my problem is that im also hearing voices ive had this before but find it really scary I told my cpn the other day and she spoke to my psyciatrist about it she thinks its not psycotic but just due to past traumatic experiences.. ive had them before but im also getting very paranoid and they wisper, mock laugh and now try and tell me to do hurtful things this is really scary.... am confused whats going on or if its cos ive not taken my meds.... sorry for spelling mistakes!!:cry:


Nov 2, 2009
I hope the lithium starts working for you soon noodlepixie... and if not that your doc finds something that does work. That sounds so scary... I had some visual/auditory hallucinations before I started lithium- they scared the pants off me and they don't sound nearly as frightening as what you are going through at the moment. I hope that you are able to hold on to something strong and positive in yourself in spite of those voices.