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..Standing on the precipice.



New member
Oct 26, 2016
Hi...My name is Colin
Im a 52 year old guy, and I feel like im on the very edge of destruction.

I recently had to seperate from my partner of 22yrs, in a very painful break up.
It left me homeless, broke, and broken...I now have to live in a homeless project, surviving on esa benefits, and staring oblivion in he face.

I cant find any other accommodation as on benefits (no landlords here want dss tenants)

I have lost everything I have ever worked for and dont see the point in life any more.
I lost my wife, and my best friend.
All i feel now is lonliness, and pain.

Can anyone help? any advice??
I am having very bad thoughts ....


Well-known member
Nov 23, 2015
Hi Colin

ive been through this I'm so sorry its happening to you.

Thoughts: this is most likely, The Absolute Worst Time Of Your Life. It would be irrational to think you're going to breeze through all your sudden negative life changes without feeling pain.

so basically what youre going through is entirely natural and understandable.

you don't mention if you have a good doctor ? because that would be a good place to start.

you can rebuild your life, and youre the same age as me so you've seen a lot of other people do it also.

There is hope but most likely you need some support to get there.

and it wont happen overnight so be strong.