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Spouse depression is there any help?



New member
Apr 27, 2015
Hi, sorry for my bad english, im a japanese,

7months ago we went to mental clinic for anti depressant treatment here in japan she cant communicate with the doctor(my wife is a filipina 5years older than me) until now no improvement in her depression, Shes sad, commit suicide, wants to be alone, loss of apetite, always tired, want to sleep all day/night, thinking thinking past happy moment of us in the philippine, and we got here in japan super stress because of work.

Baby born in 2004, 18years old that time. Since birth Grandmother take good cared of her daughter until present, shes far away from her daughter right now almost 2 years, because of working abroad. Since 2004 to 2010 she study college nursing, shes a licensed nurse, she make happy of herself that time. Me and her met in 2010, she told me that she have a baby 6yrs old that time. I accept the baby, i love her daughter. In march 2013 we decided to go working in japan. She had no job march 2013 to march 2014, one year no job, april 2014 she got a job english teacher/english instructor, so many kids kids everyday kids. 6months later she got more more depressed, stress, first she diagnosed homesick by mental clinic here in japan, she return to philippine for 1month, march to april 2015, nothing improve to her, when she cameback to japan again, always depressed, sad, thinking thinking, loss of apetite.

My question is it normal to have postnatal depression 10years after having a baby, or abortion 1year ago? She got more depressed when she got job as english teacher for kids.

Is there any treatment?
Is there anything i can help her? I want her to be happy again.

Please help me, please respect thread


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Oct 21, 2014
Hello kazuonawa

Welcome to the forum. :welcome:

I am very sorry to hear the sad story of your wife's depression.

We are not experts here, and I am not sure if I can give you any helpful advice.

I don't think post natal depression would last ten years. But for some people, any initial cause of depression can start a long term problem. I would think having to live far apart from her child could cause it, and many people do suffer from depression after an abortion.

If she was happy nursing, why did she decide to retrain as a teacher? Was it because she couldn't find work as a nurse? Maybe she is less happy teaching, would it be possible to return to nursing?

I am sorry she (and you) are suffering so much, and the mental clinic has been unable to help. Sometimes antidepressants don't work for people. Has she tried any therapy? Do you think she wants to get better, or is she too depressed to care? There are a lot of different therapies, it is worth looking into what is available and what approach might suit her.

What treatment has she tried?

Best wishes, Sarah