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Sports and depression / anxiety



New member
May 5, 2020
This chat is for all current and past athletes who are struggling with depression and anxiety


New member
May 5, 2020
Hello. I am a ex professional football player who suffers from severe depression and anxiety . I started suffering in university , were I was basically told to toughen up and move on and just put me on a bunch of meds. I was never able to play to my potential even though I was able to make it pro , I have so many regrets of what else I could have done and accomplished . My pro career ended because my depression was so bad I began to self medicate just to get through a day at practice . I became an addict for many years because of it..lost my career and had to start from scratch . The REGRET eats me up everyday !! I find its hard for non athletes to understand this..I've been to see so many different counselors over the years and still havnt been able to fill that void of regret.


Well-known member
May 14, 2020
I’ve always found sport as my escape from my problems. When I’m feeling real bad I just put my headphones in and hoop on my own. Helps me feel present, no matter how the world is the ball still bounces the same.
always been a bit weird/an oddball, found it kind of helps having a differently wired brain when playing, people don’t care about my weirdness if I can play.

Kind of fell out of love playing recently. Felt really under appreciated by my team, the amount of work I put into my game, coaching juniors just to be snubbed or looked over. The sacrifices I made man.

I went from being on my death bed to my first selection for an international tournament in a year (something I’ve only now started to appreciate, I think it’s the only thing I’m really proud of in my life).
I’m going back to my home team once I’ve graduated. I’m a lot more mentally tough from battling a rough patch of depression and anxiety. If they can’t appreciate me I probably won’t play.


I never even managed to begin a career. I trained with a local football team (english football). They said I could come back for another training session, but I felt out of place. I only went there once. I had people praising me for my goalkeeping abilities (other college students). Some of which had trials at league clubs. It was always a lot of pressure to go to new places and prove myself. Plenty of people doubt me based on appearance and lack of confidence, but I think I could have at least been good enough to play at local level. Oh well, I'm almost 33. I can run and move as well as I did back when I was 18, but I'm sure I'll degrade within the next 5-10 years. Shame.
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