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Spirituality Forum Guidelines

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Dec 9, 2007
The World
We welcome all religions and belief systems on this forum. Keeping this in mind please could all members please respect other peoples' views and refrain from posting in threads that already have an established belief system or religion under discussion, if the views you are intending to express differ significantly from the original thread subject matter.

This is not aimed at stopping members expressing or discussing their beliefs, but to stop the clash of different views in the same thread, which at times can go against the ethos of the forum.

Members are free to start new threads about their own beliefs, or start new threads to discuss differing beliefs if they wish.

Following requests from members we have also established a quiet zone in a sub forum where people can supportively retreat to for support on spirituality issues ...... this area is for support rather then discussing of issues which should be done in the general spirituality forum.
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