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Purple butterfly

Hey everyone I am OK I am sorry I haven't said anything sooner on in the day I just needed some space.. What I did last night was stupid and I am sorry I worried people.... Thank you for everyone's kind words and thank you to the two people who pm'd me and shown a lot of patience and persistence with me and my stubborn shut everyone out attitude. I needed some sense talking into me and I am sorry I frustrated one of those people with my stubbornness. I know people want to know where my suicidal thoughts came from n why I am still having them the reasons sound daft now so I won't bore with the details. Take care all and thank you x x I am truly sorry x x


Jan 15, 2013

You are awesome and as I said last night braver and stronger than you think.



Purple butterfly

I am not strong i know negative self talk again x


Well-known member
Jan 18, 2013
you are stronger than you think

Purple butterfly

[QUOTE Don't make get all ghetto on you girl ;)

You really helped me last night but I'm not strong i need to go now not feeling very well just before i worry anyone x


Jan 15, 2013
Go to bed and go to sleep and hopefully you will feel better in the morning.



Well-known member
Jan 17, 2015
You know how I feel about you girl...I love you and I am so so glad you are still with us. Wish you were here to give you a hug...remember positive self talk and positive self love...you are worth it!!!
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