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sorry guys for another video, i dont want to bombard you with tons of videos today, this last video that i watch today, about confidence if its needed



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Jul 2, 2021
New Jersey
This video talks about if confidence is need in life, i totally agree with him, i dont think confidence is needed in life at all, but everyone is different, no one in world is the same. this is my beliefs. I like that he says everybody wants to be on top, make everybody feel that in a worse position, im not like that at all, i always say, im a regular person like everyone else here on this forum, and i want to be treated that way. Im not better than anyone else here, i never thought i was in my past life and current life now. I thought i was always under dog really, like i had something to prove you know, after i prove people wrong, i still didn't believe i was better than anyone still. It just made me believe i can achieve things with hard work and efforts, and have a belief in myself thats all really. heres the video, enjoy guys, i hope you learn something from the video, if not its all cool. :)
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