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Sorry for the late intro.



Sep 25, 2009
Hey all
Sorry for the late intro but i went straight to the depression forum.
Anyways my name`s carl i`m 19 and i`ve suffered with major depression at the age of 18 as i lost my dad at the age of 17(2 months before my 18th) he passed over with lung and then bone cancer which was like hell.
Anyways i then went to the docs,and she gave me the anti depressiant drug beginning with C and it was the 10 mg ones, and i used them just to like guide me out of depression like a shield,while i found a way out, i suffered with it for about 5-6 months, and eventually i`m feeling better, though i still get depressed now and again.
And the thing that helped me more than anyway was going to a spiritualist church (i`m not a preacher nor a bible follower, i hate both preachers and the bible) and getting messages from my dad, grandads(who i never knew) and my grandparents,and alsogoing up my local woodland, and listening and taking in everything around me helped me no end.

Anyways i`m here to try and help people who are depressed, but if you want to banned me because i`m a christian spiritualist(i belive in god but not the bible) then go ahead,but i feel like i need to help people who are suicidal and depressed.




Hello and Welcome

If they ban you, they'll have to ban me too


Hi CarlC

And :welcome: to the forum.

You will not get banned on here for holding religious or none religious belief, I can assure you! That would be discrimination for a start.

I am glad that you have found your beliefs helpful to you. I have found my beliefs helpful too, well positively life changing in fact.

I went to a spiritualist church once, I didn't get any messages, but they did tell me a few things when I went to get some spiritual healing. I did not recognise the things they were telling me about the person who was guiding me. I didn't have a clue who they were, but there is alot about the family I have who have passed that I don't know. The only thing I can say is that at the very end of the only service I went to the person at the front pointed to me, and just a few seconds before I told my friend that it had suddenly got very cold in there and my hairs were standing on end. But unfortunately after they pointed at me, the other person at the front said 'I am afraid that is all that we have time for'. Afterwards my friend told me that suddenly feeling cold is a sign that the spirit is with you. I was quite freaked out by it and didn't go back apart from the healing that one time.

I wish they had told me what it was. Although I am not a believer in that type of religion I am tempted to go back. I am always open to learning more about differing faiths, I am still open minded to many of them, and use aspects of different faiths practical exercises (like Buddhism) to manage my MH conditions.

I am interested to hear of your experiences? :tea:

Take care


Sep 25, 2009
Thank you both.I was a bit worried i wasgoing to get banned but i just HAD to say about spiritulism.
It`s good that you went, i didn`t get my first message for about a month, and then i got told oyu readu p about spiritualism an i`ve never loooked back since.
I`ve had messages form my dad,grandads,nan, brother,my spirit guide (cherokee indian and a preist who said he spent all his time reading the bible when he was down here, and then when he went over the otherside, he burnt it, and he told me to belive what`s in my heart which is what i was doing atthe time and getting told my beliefs were flaud by other people).
I`m in the circle now developing my gift.
I`ve had stuff that i belive was from like my dad to say he`s here,like last week i said to my dad that if he`s around can he drop a leaf of a tree or show me a red kite,and then about 5 or so minutes later i heard this screech in the distanced,lookedto my right and there was a red kite, it waso nly there for about 5secs.
I also heard him call my name and saw him a few times, once i couldn`t sleep and was listening to my mp3 in bed still didn`t work and i then saw him sat towards the bottom end on my bed reading me a story lol which brought me comfort, i also know that he and my grandparents are watching me as some night i get this strong presence in the room,and other times i don`t.
I`ve also got miner things in the circle, like once we had to stand up and see if we can get anything, and i stood for about 2 mins with nothing and then at the last moment i got a shadow of a lancaster bomber fly from the bottom of my eye to the top, and then i had a rush of adrenalining pump down the left side of my body, i said about it, and it and the circle leader said that his grandad had flown in a lancaster in WWII and it got shot down by japs.

I don`t push my beliefs on anyone unless i think they really need to know about spiritualism.


Wow CarlC it sounds like you have had some amazing experiences through your spiritualism.

I am so glad you get some comfort from it.
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