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sometimes I think doing things is unnecessary



New member
Jan 23, 2020
Hello, maybe the title is a little confusing so I'm gonna try my best to explain what I mean.
its been some time now since I think doing things is stupid. sometimes, right before I'm about to do something or maybe I'm thinking of some event of the future I wonder why I do it. its like I lost the desire to do stuff. This is a shitty explanation, I know it, but I can't explain it any better. I just hope you understand what I'm trying to say 😊 Apart from that, it has been a long time since I haven't been sad sad, maybe a month or so and I'm very very very happy. I hope all of you who read this (if anyone does read it) are happy too and if there's anything you want to get out of your chest maybe this is the place to do it. 💗


Well-known member
Sep 5, 2019
On The Train
I have this issue as well. I blame my depression. It makes me not even want to get out of bed to use the toilet. It tells me not to the dishes because somehow this makes my life "easier". It's not true. It tells me that I shouldn't bother getting up because no one will care if I show up or not. It tells me that I will never achieve those things I want to so I shouldn't even try.

Depression is an illness and it's goal is to make you fail. Those are my thoughts.