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Somethings always been wrong....



New member
May 19, 2010
I've never discussed the following problems with anyone before and I feel that now is the time to seek outside help.

Let me start from as far back as I can rememeber,

Im currently 28

All the way through primary school I had problems, I couldnt sit in a room without constantly needing the toilet only to get there and basically nothing came out but as soon as I got back to my seat it would happen again. Classrooms, assembley anything where I had to stay in one place and feel like I couldnt move.

This continued all the way through school and even effected trips to another town with a friends family, I would be in shops or the car and it would suddenly creep up on me, it was like it was building up in my head and at somepoint my head was going to explode.

This stopped when I was about 15/16 and didnt effect me for the next couple of years, untill my long term GF went away to university and I had to start traveling to visit her, this was a 2 1/2 hour car journey that I used to pay my parents to drive me once a month, that when it started up again......I got to the point where the day before I would starve myself from water the whole day before so i couldnt possibly need to go and that seemed to help alot.

This continued for the next few years, job interviews, meetings, job center appointments, whenever I was in a situation where I felt like I couldnt escape this feeling would pop up.

When I was about 23 I started smoking weed on a regualar basis and found that this actually nullified the feeling but then when I was 25 I had a full blown panic attack, I couldnt breath and my leg felt like it was swelling up, I was rushed to the hospital but by the time I got there I felt fine and the doctor told me that there was nothing wrong, this was the first time in ages I had felt like this and it was very similar to how I used to feel when I was in primary school. I stopped smoking weed the next day.

Since that event 3 years ago ive devoloped quite a few traits, I get the leg swelling up thing (even tho its prob not), and started moving my arm so that the shoulder clicks regualarly (I cannot help this at all) and the uneasy needing to wee thing has come and gone, usually popping up when I have to sit still.

So there we have it, ive never talked to anyone about this. but I only just decided to look into this things and im seeing all sorts of articles about anxiety's but most of them were telling to sell me some kind of drug.

So what would be your advise?
Does anyone actually have a cure for this because its been over 20 years and I cant suffer like this anymore, I dont want to live out the rest of my life with this problem...



Well-known member
Dec 6, 2009
I haven't heard of this kind of thing before so don't know what to suggest but there hasn't been any replies so thought i'd jump in and do my best. I know this sounds kind of generic but I recommend seeing a doctor. Not sure if it works same in your area but i found by going to a doctor first they can actually nominate you for a reduced price to see a psychologist if they determine you require one. Worth looking into. I would expect the physical feelings are manifesting due to the anxiety... the whole power of the mind thing. It'd also be worth talking to a doctor because not only can they possibly refer you onto a psychologist but can also look into the possibility of a physical reason for your leg feeling odd now and then. Maybe take note when it happens what you've been doing at the time, ie. if every time it happens you've been sitting for a long amount of time, etc. and let the doctor know. Also I suggest that if you are not keen on trying meds, let the doctor know this and ask about any alternative options. I do think its likely some therapy could be helpful.

Good luck :)


Jun 1, 2010
you certainly should see a doctor - has the feeling you ned the loo gone entirely and I assume we are talking number ones? You may have had a pee infection that went untreated, or had a bad experience peeing yourself when little and the worry stayed with you when you were in situations where the loo was a long way off, or your movements were constrained eg in a classroom. That would be a perfectly normal worry for a child and the worry would stay with you long after the memory of the reason for the worry went away. This did go away eventually - the feelings you have now are new, not a repeat of the old feelings or the same thing come back - no more than scraping your knee when you were little is related to gazing your leg by falling off your motor bike now. But you do know the feelings are not right - there is lots of help available. If you do have a psychological problem ---

Weed is not good stuff despite the street cred it has. Lots of people get depressed and anxious when on it - and you need to stop having it, also booze and caffeine while you feel like this, because I suspect you are ill. You may even have started having it because you were self medicating because something is making you unhappy. You need to see the Dr to make sure you do not have a physical disease causing your symptoms - if not, they can help you get treatment for the psychological issues, eg therapy or CBT (this is free in the UK but you have to wait so the sonner you go to the Dr the better).

When I first got ill I found reading about depression and anxiety and panic attacks helped a lot - I got books from the libraray for free, and some are better than others, There are a lot which tell you religion is the answer which is great for those it helps, so choose what you think suits you, and remember you are not the first person to feel this way, and you certainly won't be the last. People do have solutions, you can deal with this: in fact Churchill used to run the war effort from his bath! That was his routine and his way of doing things - routine is the best thing I find - get a routine that suits you and life gets much easier to deal with.


Well-known member
Apr 25, 2010
It sounds Like panic to me i too used to sit in assembly and want to scream. Or i buyback felt anxieties stemming from age four i have had panic attacks and that feeling me pressure building is familiar your body will dad with stress many ways so the desire to urinat could be a sign of fear etc.
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