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Something to record moods to notice patterns?



I've been using moodscope.com to record my moods for a while now, after someone here suggested it (sorry, I forget who it was). I like moodscope, but it doesn't seem to differentiate between depression or anxiety. I have times when I feel like crap mainly because of depression, and other times when I feel like crap because I'm constantly in a state of anxiety or panic. It's all crap of course, but not the same kind of crap, if that makes sense... ;)

I'm starting to wonder if there's a pattern in my moods, with a certain amount of time more anxious, then a period of depression but not much anxiety, etc. Moodscope just shows it all as low mood. So I was wondering if anyone knows of anything where I can record my moods, and it'll show the difference between how anxious or depressed I am over time?

I hope that made sense. Seem to be having some difficulty getting words out tonight for some reason! :unsure: