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something I heard today which is going to stick with me



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Dec 29, 2019
someone I was talking to mentioned to me that a friend of his died because of a broken heart- her son had been killed in an accident a few months before

and it really hit home for me and really made me upset

here's my mother doing anything she can to avoid me and get me out of her life- yet here's this woman, dying because she lost her son

I don't know... it's just going to stick with me

why are my family not caring.

guess I'll never know the answer to that one


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Jan 17, 2020
Florida USA
You can't help what others do...but you can focus on yourself and become better. Leave those who leave you behind.

Almost always in love

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Jan 19, 2020
I will be honest with you.

After half a lifetime. I still do not understand.
Part of my pain in life, is because I do not understand, why I have to live life without caring parents.
Christmases, birthdays.. always painful to me.
And it takes everything in me, - all the love I can muster to show towards my friends every day - to feel happy for them, - when they have their nice loving families to go home to and be with during these times.

I envy them. And that envy makes me feel even sadder.

I try to survive every day. Try to not think about it. Try to focus on the kind people I have in my current life instead.
But it is really hard.

I miss my mom. She was not a good mom.
But I miss having a mom.
Always wish I could have had a family that would have loved me..

- Just one of these things in life. It is not fair. It really is not.

But 007 is sorta right.
Leave that behind that cant be changed and that will only bring you if you hold on to it.

Your day tomorrow is yours. The love you find tomorrow is yours. Whether it be in people you meet or things you choose to do. Dreams you wish to fulfill.
It is hard. But tomorrow is yours.
You own that day.