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Someone to understand



New member
Mar 10, 2009

Hi, Im Jess. First time here, so if ive posted in the wrong place or done anything wrong for that matter, i apologise.

Just feel at an end really. My mam does try most of the time but still feels the need to add how pathetic and stupid im being. Shes never really actively tried to help me or get someone else to help.
My pyschologist looks immensely bored while i talk to her, never has much to say or any answers.
So im pretty stuck, ive tried to explain countless times but i get the same thing. They make their own assumptions and judgements before ive even finished talking. I wonder why i ever told them in the first place.

Im not gonna put a life story on here, i just want to know wheter anyone suffering from Depression/Social Anxiety/Anxiety and Stress/Panic Attacks/Insomnia and sudden outbursts of anger/frustration, like me. Or just one or more of those things. Has ever felt like even though youve had the courage speak up or put yourself in a position where you had to speak up has been well, passed off i guess. Felt like it hadnt made a difference.

Im curious too, most of my friends have some sort of mental health problem but i feel not even they understand what im talking about most of the time.

Basically, id just like to have a talk with someone similar to me. Understand how you deal with it, or dont deal with it for that matter. Just anything.

Im really at a loss.

Thanks for ya time.


Hello and welcome to the forum. I've moved your post into the introductions part and you're likely to get more of an initial response here.

Lots of people on here have experience of the things you describe. You are certainly not alone in the way you feel. Hope we can help.


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Founding Member
Feb 14, 2008
Birmingham UK
Hi and :welcome: Jess.

I would imagine that most of us have at one time or another (or right now!) felt the way that you feel. One of the great benefits of sticking around here is that you get to know that you are not alone. That doesn't mean that your problems are not totally individual (because another thing you learn is that everyone is different and unique). There is nothing which is not shred with someone else; but also no-one person's problems are exactly like another's (hope that makes sense :)).

Now the one obvious observation I can make in your case is that you have a crap psychologist. At the very least you should not feel that she is bored!!! I know exactly what it feels like to go to a session with a professional and emerge feeling worse than when you went in - how frustrating and depressing this is. The only immediate action I can suggest is that you try and remedy this situation; either try to explain to her how you feel and what you want; or if you feel that would be hopeless to try and get a new psychologist.

The other thing is to keep posting here - other people will have better suggestions and talking is a positive step.




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Mar 7, 2009
Dont worry

For me, a breakdown was crippling before I had this I thought nothing was wrong but know I am certainly more aware of who I am,I go through cycles of over active energy levels always busy,then get angry,go through sadness then go back up again the key is dont be scared of it,just ride it out and tackle it the best way you can,if that involves getting help from proffesionals,do it,or you may find you can handle it yourself, which is ok as well but never think your alone with this,there are alot of us out there,and there are people who can help.


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Dec 15, 2008
Welcome tell a tale and obiwan

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