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someone help, just coming to terms with the fact I may have a mental illness. *trigger warning - explicit sexual content**



Jan 1, 2013
that's sometimes so hard to do when ocd convinces you it is fantasy although the clear distress shows it's not. That advice sounds great, thank you so much I'll try the thought process and see if it makes a difference.


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May 14, 2012
No problem, glad to be able to offer some sound advice. Now if i can offer you some advice from my hypnotherapy. Next time you get a troubling thought imagine the thought as a solid tangible object that you put in your hand, after you have it in your hand just let go of it, drop it out the window, throw it as far as you can or flush it down the toilet. Remember it is your thought, it's yours, you have a hold of it, so you can just as easy let go of it. If that's a bit too alternative therapy for you then just tell yourself that it's only a thought and a thought never did any harm to anyone. Good luck.


Jul 25, 2013
Hi! You should be able to talk about it with one of your relatives.I don´t know if you are constantly depressed,but the guilt feeling that torments us is a sympton of Dysthymia, In My Opinion. Our thoughts are really rebellious sometimes.I think it´s really linked to the spiritual too.I can almost assure you that if you suffer from that there must be someone in you family who had similar things in the past.It´s really linked to our generations. I felt guilty as a child and I had to tell embarassing things I thought to my mother all the time. If I didn´t do that I would be tormented and tortured until I did that.It was very hard for a kid.Later it was about sex and became more embarassing.

Take into account that you are very very young and at this age things like that are more likely to happen.You are still curious and any strange thought could make you feel bad.It happens a lot.Imagine if everybody told us strange things about sex they have imagined or felt...you would see that you are not alone.The problem is when it incapacitates us.Be relaxed,you didn´t do anything at all. Bad thoughts come and go all the time,it´s like a really fast video clip.

It´s good you have a boyfriend and he knows about that.I had problems and I feel very guilty and bad .It´s something that prevents me from getting a girlfriend.If I did I feel I would have to teel her everything I thought...not to mention that I suffer from socialphobia which makes it even worse.

Wish you the best! You are going to be fine,you already have the support of one person and you don´t need to feel guilty.This is great!
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