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Someone fron the past trying to set me up!!!



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Feb 25, 2014
Sorry this is going to be a long and complicated post and the title probably makes it sounds like I'm being paranoid but I'm sure I'm not as people around me can usually tell when I am and tell me so but this time they agree with me.

We had a falling out with a couple who live in the town where we used to live back in 2011 which resulting in us having to call the police and take out an anti harrassment order against them. In response to this they said they wanted to take one out against us which suited me fine as I didn't want anything to do with them and just wanted them to leave us alone.

They live in a town about 30 miles from us where we used to live but we moved in 2011 (for other reasons nothing to do with them). My 18 yr old daughter's best friends Mum is friends with the couple and she used to live across the road from us in our old town but now lives not far from us in our new town.

Just after last christmas (2013) our cars got vandalised 4 times and the police put a camera in but didn't manage to catch anyone as they took so long to put it in nothing else happened. I'm pretty sure that this couple were behind it and was either him that did it (he's a lorry drive so starts early hours of the morning and had to go past our town on his way to work) or their friend (my daughters friends mum).

Then my daughters friends mum turned up banging on my door at midnight one night last year accusing me of sending the couple messages, which I hadn't done. I ended up calling the police as she just barged her way into our house and was refusing to leave but she had gone by the time they got here.

There ware also two malicious calls made to social services (we had ss involvement for something else at the time but no longer do). The first one we don't know who it was from but we suspect it was from one of them and our sw said she was treating it as malicious. The second call was just after the above incident and was made by my daughters friends mum, but our social worker was already aware of everything that was going on so she knew it was malicious and asked the women what effect she thought it had on the children banging on my door at midnight and waking them up causing trouble.

I thought they had finally backed off and we had heard the last of it as nothing had happened for ages. That is until Wednesday afternoon when the man came banging on my door, i thought nothing of it as thought it was kids for my son and opened the door. It took me a moment to even register who it was, when I saw someone standing there in hi vis vest i thought it was a parcel delivery driver. Then he started shouting at me saying why have you been texting my wife, I told him I hadn't (which I hadn't) and he said I've seen the messages. I asked him to show me the messages which he wouldn't and he wouldn't tell me what they were supposed to have said either. When I asked him what number the texts had came from he changed his mind saying the messages were sent on facebook. They have been blocked on my face book for ages, my husband got a message from his wife last year which just said "I really need to talk to you it's very important" so we just blocked her on my husbands as well.

I called the police after he'd gone as he was scaring the children my 11 yr old was upstairs and too scared to come down and my 15 yr old arrived home from school just as he turned up and saw him get out of the car and come to the door, the first thing she did was ring my husband at work so he could hear everything that was going on and he said to phone the police. Luckily my baby, who's 9wks old, was asleep in the pram at the time otherwise I could have gone to the door with him in my arms.

The police eventually arrived the next morning and were about as much help as a chocolate teapot. They said they would send someone round to have a word with him a reiterate the anti harassment order but just kept asking me if when they went round there they were going to be shown any messages from me, which made me feel like they didn't believe me. Obviously if I had done anything wrong then I wouldn't have called them in the first place. They then went on to say that because the children were there they would have to put in a referral to social services, which has made me wonder if this couple heard that we've just had a baby and that is why they've started up again now. I told the police officer this and his reply was "what is the baby to him?" implying that he may be the father, which really upset me, I told him the baby has absolutely nothing to do with this man. This has left me feeling like if anything else happens then I have nowhere to turn as I feel like I can't call the police again as then we will end up with social services on our backs for something that isn't our fault.

To make things worse something my son said (and my daughter agreed) has made me think that the man's wife may have set up a fake facebook account in mine or my husbands name and been sending messages pretending to be from us to try to cause trouble for us. Obviously if the police come back with any messages then I will know this is what has happened and will tell them this. But if she has done this is there anyway the police will be able to trace the messages back to her via an ip address or something and how likely do you think it is that they will take the time to do this? because surely she must be committing some sort of offence by doing this?

Also my eldest daughters step mum (who i'm friends with) has this woman on her facebook friends, she added her ages ago when I was friends with this woman but she doesn't know her personally. So asked her to have a look at her profile for me as I didn't want to unblock this woman. She sent me a screen shot of her profile which just says page not available and told me she had posted a status on wednesday about going off facebook as someone from the past was causing trouble. This just makes me even more convinced that she is up to something.

Sorry this is so long, hope someone has some advice.
Purple Chaos

Purple Chaos

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Oct 23, 2014
Good grief! What an awful thing to be going through. What's wrong with some people?! It must be the last thing you need, particularly with such a young baby to take care of.

Anyway, I'm sorry to hear of the problems you're experiencing. I know you feel reluctant to, but please don't hesitate to call the police if anything else happens. I would say it's in your best interest to have everything that's happened recorded so that if the couple do come up with some other horrendous plan, their history of antics will be there to view.

It might be a good idea too to write down everything that happens (or has happened) yourself, regardless of how small it seems, so that you have a complete record of their disturbing behaviour.

I hope that you don't have to tolerate any more of this. Take care.


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Feb 25, 2014
The police eventually got back to me on Saturday they phoned and just said they have spoken to this man and reinstated the anti harassment order so hopefully we won't hear anything else from them but I won't hold my breath. The other day his wife came up on my sons facebook under people you may know so she obviously set up a new account. So have had to block her on all of our accounts again. I'm now just living in fear wondering just what they are going to do next.
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