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Somebody tell me it gets better!!



Jun 22, 2008
Durham, UK
Well, what a crap weekend. A total haze. Get up, have a smoke, cup of coffee. No milk so it's black, and no Frosties. Then sit. Stare into space, feeling nothing. Turn the telly on. News. Watch it and hear it, but not moved by it. Turn the telly off. Wonder what to do that might bring me some joy, decide on a trip to the beach. Get in the car, set off. Halfway there, decide I can't be bothered, so I turn around and go home. Get home. Forgot to pick up the milk. And sit. Then lie, maybe catch an hours sleep. Can't sleep, not tired. Turn on the computer, have a game of online poker. Half an hour, win a fiver. No idea what to spend it on that I would enjoy. Maybe some milk.

And that's my morning sorted. Now I've got more delights to come for the afternoon and evening.

Is this quality of life? I've forgotten what quality of life is.

Not really looking for a reply, nothing you can say will make it better. But here's the answers to what you may ask:

Yes, I see a doctor. He's weaning me off my meds cos they are messing up my blood pressure. He 'may consider' further treatment if I still feel the same way when I stop my meds.

Yes, I could try another doctor. I've had a dozen in the last 8 years, and as many different meds, so I see no point in going any further down that road.

Yes I've done CBT. You need to have a positivity to start with though, and I don't.

Yes, I used to have a regular visit from a CPN. He liked my taste in coffee.

Keep battling everyone!


Hi Andy - don't know about getting better but it can get different. Earlier in the year I was suicidal and spoke to a friend on the phone. He promised me each day would be different. He was right. It took a long time before things got what might be described as better but I am in a better place. Still a fair way to go but better than I was.

Don't give up or give in - this too shall pass. xx


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Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
Yes, It does get better. Not always straight away but yeh. I think the beach is great for making you feel a bit better. Maybe next time give yourself an extra wee push and go. Even just for 5 mins. And you are right, it sucks without frosties! x:)


I have only experienced quality of life once when I was on steroids at christmas 94 and then went completely radio rentals in january 95 because I ditched them because I didnt like the way they made me feel in the end I was so euphroic, I was tripping all the time it was a nightmare, it was nice the few days that I enjoyed the quality time though I must admit and wouldnt mind feeling like that but they are just to powerful a drug


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Jul 17, 2008
hi andy,theres a few small steps u need to take to make u feel better,
firstly dont watch the news that is depressing ,dont drink coffie try decaff,
take a walk, dont use the car unless u need to .tips on dealing with depression.
if i can get over it im sure u can ,i was like a walking zombe on a combination
medicatitions anti /phyc/depress/anix.... now i feel fine with out any medications and back in work...
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