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some type of words I hear



New member
Jan 24, 2017
since I was very young I used to see things I'll call them things because I can't explain I mean I can explain but it's kinda embarrassing weird to me . I heard voices that made me do troubled stuff my whole life I've hurt people as a kid and done things secretly devastating .I'm 37 now and I'm getting some type of lecture for the past 16yrs in Arabic maybe Hebrew or some type of words I'm hearing over and over words like (nulmech, deszmon thadaraun) I'm really confused my understanding is idk.and I keep seeing the numbers 431 idk im lost.I fell really violent at times when the words come and i know when bad things r going to happen at times when i hear the words and even have been heard mumbling these words in sleep by my wife and girl was cheating with. I'm hearing very low tones at times that change in range and a very low radio type voice sounds like walkietalkie verylow like running water I can never makeout the words I just hear the noise I'm married and have daughters I don't want to hurt no one I swear.after I heard the fort Lauderdale shooter say he heard voices I started to worry because this is real to me my whole life no matter wut anyone says .I've never talked about this outside my parents am I alone can someone understand please


Jun 20, 2015

It must be very distressing to hear voices talking all the time and not understand what is being said.
I understand the stress it is causing you and how you fear the way you are feeling,I think knowing you have been in trouble for doing things in the past in reaction to the voices and getting into trouble makes you worry,as well as the feelings of violence.
Be strong, resolve that you won't get violent and hurt anyone and trust yourself that you won't do anything violent to anyone.However upset you get.You are not the same person as the fort lauderdal shooter,it isn't going to be that way for you.If you need help with this can you speak to a psychiatrist,have you tried medication to stop the voices?It might be the answer.Have you tried listening to music to distract you from the voices,try to relax and not think negatively about hearing them even though they are upsetting you.
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