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Some people just don't understand



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Nov 16, 2014
When I was 6 or 7 I had my first spiritual encounter... With guardian Angels AND I wasn't the only child in the neighborhood that did... It was always at my house, so it had to be because of me... I brought it up years later to her and she told me to never bring it up again... So I didnt until I was diagnosed with schizophrenia... My own mother told me that I must have had schizophrenia since a young age...

After my own mother thought I was delusional I swept my experience under the rug, but I finally feel like I found a place to talk, where I will be understood. I started hearing. Voices at age 18. I wanted to tell me story, about playing with guardian Angels to a local musical artist and I Immediatly starting hearing demons! And I mean Immediatly!

Since then I have experienced things that are unexplainable! Like waking up to my Sagittarius shirts laying the bed in the morning after I had an experience about being given a poison from one of the demons...and it was real! I was light headed... Everything was blurry, but I could see very vivid things when I closed my eyes and had to sleep with a light because of how intense it was when I closed my eyes... Explain to me how my own brain can do things like this... If it is my own brain... Than wow... It really is a powerful thing!


nice for sharing your experiences.

I have had a few spiritual encounters.

The spirit of a woman walked across the living room and sat down beside me and felt my fella.

The spirit of a girl was floating in the bathroom, she also said something to me.


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Dec 26, 2016
What do you mean by playing with guardian Angels to a local musical artist?