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some of it was true



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Jul 8, 2019
so I was hospitalised in 2013
after self harm went too far
I was protesting about surveillance
and I thought I could be seen from anywhere
because of satellite dishes

I was also protesting
about my artwork being hacked from the internet
at the time I though a celebrity was involved

I was told all of this was just paranoia

but now recently my artwork has been hacked for real
I have seen actual sites on tiktok
pretending to be me, and using material from my Youtube account
I have been in touch with the police about it
and got that site taken down

this time there was not a celebrity as far as I could see
but there was someone very interested in using my material
very persistent about it
and using the kind of thing I thought they were using
when I was unwell

so in a paranoid psychotic state apparently
I was aware of something which was going on
but I misread the details somewhat

I am not planning on harming myself over it now either
its like a spot the difference scenario

recently I put up some archives
before anyone else does
and a poster appeared in a white coat


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Jul 8, 2019
im also worried about some of the changes being made with Youtube
with the best intentions perhaps
it started with the child protection thing
which I welcomed very much
that we now have to mark all content
as suitable or not suitable for children
ive marked all mine not suitable
and it feels great to know that kids cant access my content

then it goes on to discrimination policies
and mental health and disability is not mentioned at all
in the page of updated guidelines that I read
nor will they reply to my messages these days

the language used in the updates
looks very Americanised like its written by an American law maker
to enable them to mould conversations
to suit a political agenda , probably to do with Brexit and stuff

stuff about ' chilling of conversations '
well who is chilling the conversation ?
the very smooth commercial lawyer
or the small person being stolen from ?