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some help



New member
Oct 6, 2009

New one here so go easy on me please.

I have just recently in the past few months been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and just feel very alone. My psychiatrist said i have rapid cycling because my moods change on a daily basis, sometimes more than that. I suffer from ocd too which doesnt help. My moods are awfull at times and one minute i'm high as a kite on life the next i cant even be bothered moving. I also count everything i see and make words in my head from random letters and shapes. Does anyone here not walk on the cracks on the road? I find myself doing that alot too. The psyc gave me seroquel, 2x50mg to start with at night. I felt a change straight away the next day i woke up. My mood was completely calm and it felt peacefull inside. I was maybe a little spaced out but that wore off quick enough. I'm just over a week on now and i'm needing to up the dosage already i feel terrible again. All shakey and my thoughts are all over the place. Does anyone else on here take seroquel? and what are your experinces wiv it?

Little help would be nice:)

manda x


Sep 13, 2009
me too.

hi ya. I was diagnosed bipolar 1 5 weeks ago . im on seroquel too. started on 50 mg now on 350. if you want a chat just pm me.


Active member
Oct 10, 2009

I'm on Depakote which is great. It doesn't stop the constant highs and lows, but it stops them being so severe.
I haven't been really low in almost five years now, bt the medication you're on depends on you're personal situation. What works for one person doesn't work for another.
Hope you find the right one!
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