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some advice for relative and new member



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Aug 13, 2009
hello, this is my first post on here and i just wanted to try and get some advice off some of you......following quite a traumatic day the other day a family member of mine has found out he has bipolar, he was given some mood stabilizing drugs (not sure what)

obviously this was a bit of a shock for the whole family...if not maybe a little expected as things haven't been right for many many years.

i just wanted to get a bit of advice on supporting this family member, we're struggling really with what to say/do, he isn't really talking about it much.....

i was looking at the books on here and was just wandering which ones you guys would recommend?

i'm not really sure what else to say, i just thought it would be helpful me joining this forum and hope that i can get some good advice off someone.

thanks for reading this.


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May 8, 2009
Welcome to the site, hope you find help and support
sorry to hear things have been a quite traumatic for you and your family the last few days.

Not sure what to recommend as in books but thi site can give you a lot of information on bipolar

Just be there to listen and guide when your famiy member needs it.
But remember not forget youelf through it all, it can get to you too and make sure you get the help if you need it and don't be affraid to ask for it :)


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Jul 28, 2009
hi there, im a mum of a bi polar daughter just wanted to say hello and it sure is hard isnt it, i have found my daughters illness very stressfull, the effect on the whole family is huge. we totaly support her, me more than anyone. i spend a lot of time with her, we talk, we laugh, i call her my fruitcake in the best posible way, we have that sort of relationship i hasten to say!!! we do use humour as you can tell, she doesnt know which of her feelings, thourghts, emotions are normal, she talks to me which i know i am lucky that she does, so we can talk about anything, mostly when we take the dog out to the woods, no stress, no critisism, honesty, calm situation. i understand each situation is unique, as we all are!!!
i wish you the very best, try any approach, your familiy member is the person who you love, for all the reasons you have, perhaps the direct approach may work, asking questions , telling them you want to help and understand them, not to critisise but purly to have an understanding of how they think and feel, beacause that person is special. my daughter is obsessed with being normal, i tell her she is.... for her.. compared to who... she is a lovley girl she just has an illness that has to be faced and delt with and helped with. im glad your family member has poeple who care for them the road isnt easy, but interesting... all the best xx jane


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Aug 13, 2009
thank you for that advice i've looked at that link and there seems to be some really good info, will show it to the rest of my family.

jane thank you for the advice it really sounds like you and your daughter have a great relationship, i hope i can gain this level of confidence in my brother and he will talk to me more....it is hard but i am willing to be there for him as much as he needs me, this forum seems a great place to get support.
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