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sodium valpourate and lithium



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Aug 17, 2011
somewhere over the rainbow
This is my drug combination at the moment the sodium valporate is new. Does anyone take this combination and find it affective im desperate i just want to feel normal and i want to move on with my life ho back yo work and be happy i cant do any off this at the moment.

Ive been unstable for a very long time most recently 7 weeks of deppression 5 weeks of high now im in a hellish mixed state im climbing the walls i just want to be well :'(


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Aug 2, 2014
Have you ever considered an alternative diagnosis? You seem to have been ill for a very long time, and don't seem to respond to the medication. I recall you mentioned EUPD. Is it possible that is what your mood swings are related to hence being unresponsive to medication. I know you said you just have traits, but perhaps mood instability is one of them.

I wouldn't take two mood stabilisers. One anti psychotic and one mood stabiliser but not all the meds you seem to have been on. These meds are heavy duty on the brain. Goodness knows what your psychiatrist has done to your poor brain.

I just think as you have been unwell for so long, you perhaps should try alternatives to medication also, such as DBT. You don't seem to have tried anything but medication, and medication doesn't seem to be working. I'm surprised your psychiatrist hasn't come to this conclusion.
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Oct 30, 2010
Bristol TN
You have been struggling for far too long.

I have never taken lithium.

I have taken the sodium valproate....I had been very unstable and it did calm that right down and I was grateful beyond belief for that.
I later became dissastisfied with it tho as it seemed to make me very dull.

I took it for quite awhile tho because I was so fearful of my illness running me amok.


I take sodium valproate and it has stabilised my mood and my quality of life has changed as a result. Prior to taking it my mood was mixed/rapidly changing. I take an anti-depressant alongside this.

Hope it helps you.



Apr 2, 2013
Hi lou, never been prescribed lithium or taken it, and do consistently get prescribed sodium valproate, and it is the only medication that stopped the seasickness and madness, if not for sodium valporate I probably would never sleep, which insomnia would trigger the manias and vice versa.

Never have been a pusher of meds, but if anyone had another illness they would always take meds, for some reason there is often a move and an ideology to be this wonderful 'med free'? Frankly sodium valproate is a good decent medication, probably the only one that has evened out my mad dips? Good luck try and stick with it and see if there is improvement. take care lou.



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Nov 5, 2012
I take sodium valporate it has stoped the mania but has not really done anything for my depression. I also take an anti psychotic and this has helped with that
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