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social isolation



Aug 20, 2009
does anyone else have trouble getting out ? i have been in near total isolation since june because i can't bear the thought of going out and speaking to people. i live on a diet of bread, cheese and milk because i can get them delivered and go cigarette shopping once a week at 6am. the rest of my time is spent at my computer buying things i don't need with money i can't afford to spend. i have been bankrupt once and fear i am heading that way again. my self harm is out of control, cutting on a daily basis now. the only thing that keeps me going is waiting for the post every morning. if you read this and has some constructive advice on improving my situation i would be most grateful. thanks, richard


I dont have any constructive advice only to say that I was almost recluse certainly isolated for a good seven years I have been out for the past 18 months n I'm starting to feel isolated once more because people just hurt all the time,I have come almost a full circle. I get frightened by people all the time. If it wasnted formy bf I would most definately become recluse.


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May 26, 2009
I don't like going out there personally,with having to face the people.
But I know of a lady that has been in total isolation after coming out of a mental hospital 3 years ago.
The poor lady is in a shared house,supported acommadation.The house has 4 people getting by ,after they do two years they are eligible for a council house,so it's a good idea.
This lady believes she was overdosed with Tetnetium?after a certain scan she had.After the scan it changed her life as she started feeling suicidal.
She thinks now she's electro-magnetic-sensitive and she carnt go near electrical equipment,as it makes her sick.
She is in a room on her own allday 24/7 without the tv or radio going,she only has a mobile phone that's it.
She carnt go out the house and gets a taxi if she goes out at all.
I watched Dirty dancing with her the other week,that was the 1st bit of television she's watched since X-mas.

Do you have anyone you could go out with?as I find it really helps to have someone with you.
I wish you the best,just take small steps to start with.
Good luck and take care.

Wendy x


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Mar 23, 2009
I don't go out much. However much i try to act normal other people can tell
that i'm a freak. I can tell by the way they look.


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Aug 23, 2010
I had something like this in my twenties. The thought of going out was really too much. I had to go out though, for alcohol. I would wait for the darkness, then walk to the off licence. It lasted for about 2 years.

I still get panicky sometimes in company, but nothing that makes me reclusive anymore.

The older I have become, the easier it has got for me. I am in my 50's now.