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Social Anxiety & University



New member
Feb 6, 2019

I was just looking for some advice. I have been suffering from social anxiety (or what I think is social anxiety) for the last ~7 years, since the age of about 16. I get what I perceive to be very anxious in all social situations, to varying degrees pending how busy a place is or how trapped I feel (busy tubes in London are not fun, for example)

My symptoms of anxiety do seem to altar with time. I used to feel very nauseous as a general rule, but lately while sat in lectures, I still feel the nauseous sensation to some degree, but I also get an uncomfortable choking/dry mouth feeling, I figit a lot, and I feel I must ‘hold/pull’ the back of my neck, or cross my arms and ending up hurting myself. But these symptoms, especially the ‘choking’ panicks me more, forces me to attempt to clear my throat etc etc

I am finding it very very difficult to attend my lectures at the moment. And have already had to walk out of several classes due to my anxiety...I’m not sure what I can do. I have previously tried medication (Sertraline) which I can’t say made any real/noticeable impact.

I look for advice in videos and articles, but 95% of which don’t seem to quite fit my situation, as though they are describing a different illness almost. Does what I suffer with sound like Social Anxiety to you? (I am completely relaxed when alone).

I think I am afraid of drawing attention to myself. I even get scared of having to walk out of the classroom. It takes me time to pluck up the courage to stand up and walk out, even though I always closest to the door, at the front, at the end of the row.

I am unsure what to do basically. Any advice is appreciated. Would love to be able to sit through a lecture without panicking from the moment I walk in to the moment I walk out (instant relief the second I walk out the class just adds insult to injury!)
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Feb 7, 2019
Hi love! I'm not a professional in any means, in fact I'm also a university student, but it does sound like social anxiety. Have you tried speaking to student health services/counseling services at school? Also, how long were you on sertraline and what dosage? I have generalized anxiety disorder and sertraline helped me significantly at 125 mg.

Some advice I can give:
Try to find the root of your anxiety: have you been embarrassed in social situations in the past?
Try meditating: a few breathing exercises can help you in the middle of your lectures
Keep a journal of the times you get these bursts of anxiety. You may be able to find a connection or root cause.

Hope that helps the least.

Good luck darling! Message me if you need someone to talk to.
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