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Social Anxiety - Universal Credit



New member
Mar 6, 2019

I am new here and need abit of help please.

I am 31, I have been suffering with social anxiety for about 8 years now and i have no idea why this has happened to me. I have seen the doctor many times and had threapy but it didnt work as i couldnt face up to the exposure tasks i was being asked to do.

I have always worked but lost my job in October 2018, 2 weeks ago i had to make a claim for univeral credit to go to the job centre and now i have to apply for jobs and show that i am doing.

If i am being honest i dont think i can cope with a new job and a new workplace with the frame of mind im in at the moment. The contsant updating my universal credit jornal and apply for jobs is stressing me out and i havnt slept much in the past 2 weeks. i am a total wreck.

Can anyone tell me if i get a doctors note and give it to the job centre to exempt me from looking for work?

thank you


Mar 8, 2019
You can get a sick note from the doctor and give it to them at the job center, you will not have apply for jobs but you can still get the benefit. You can also try switching to ESA benefit which is basically the same money as universal credit


Well-known member
Dec 30, 2017
danny you might benefit from what i have done which is to work part-time, not full time

i told my job centre about this and they were supportive, and allowed me to only have to apply for part time jobs, which took a lot of stress/pressure off of my shoulders

i am working now, part time 16 hours which is split into 4 hours, 4 evenings a week (6pm to 10pm), this suits me as i dont always sleep well and sometimes need some time to wake up properly

im glad to be working because it gets me out of the house and gets me some exercise etc

i know it's difficult but try not to let anyone bully you (the job centre and so on) regarding your particular needs. your doctor can help (if you doctor is not helpful with providing notes and so on, then switch doctors)

as mentioned above ESA or similar are other options