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Social Anxiety and Gaming



New member
May 20, 2021
United States
Hi, this issue is about my experience and feelings with my boyfriend’s friend group. I have social anxiety and depression.

This friend group has some good people that don’t bother me, and then it has a few people that make me extremely uncomfortable and give me an unsafe feeling even though we are speaking through an online voice chat. One of the guys makes fun of everyone and points out their flaws, including mine. I really don’t like this and I always feel awful and my anxiety shoots up to where I have a panic attack during the game we play. Not only do these remarks give me paranoia and fear, but the things they talk about really get to me. I have a fear of alcohol and drug consumption, but I have never consumed either besides prescription medication of course. When someone starts talking about drugs or alcohol I get nervous, and as the converation goes on I get a panic attack and want to flee from the chat, but usually it’s during a game so I’m stuck there scared and with my heart pounding. We all play League of a Legends together (online multiplayer), and it gets stressful sometimes. If I make one mistake I get extremely paranoid and feel judged. I’ve stopped playing with them, and I just wait for my boyfriend to be done playing with his friends for us to hangout alone. I can’t handle social situations with them, but I just want to be able to be normal and not worry about anything but my own gaming experience.

I hate that I can’t handle conversations or even simple jokes about consuming drugs or alcohol, and I hate that I can’t focus on the game because I’m so busy being paranoid about being judged by this group. I would like to get some advice on this if possible, and maybe some techniques to handle situations like these.

Thank You


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Forum Guide
Nov 10, 2019
Anything that causes me stress i avoid


Active member
Nov 13, 2019
well LoL is already a stressful game as the community is majority toxic and encourage others to do so.
not sure if that will help you giving you my experience but here it is:
i been playing mmo, and as a healer in pvp, people most of the time flame me for not doing the right job. i can get really frustrated and stress especially if there no close friends of mine in the team.
When i tried teaming up with one of my close friend, i get less mad and my friend often defend me against these kind of players.

Just to say that maybe you could try with other game like Rain, Trine and coop with these friends of yours and try to know them a bit better.
But ofc some might just be legitimate toxic, i had one friend of double face (nice and toxic) in LoL. It sure not easy to deal with.
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