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Social anxiety and accommodation



Oct 9, 2020
Hello everyone I hope you’re well.

I suffer from social anxiety and depression. I am currently homeless and am going to be put into a temporary accommodation which is a shared hostel!

My social anxiety is killing me having to live with different people I don’t know and sharing facilities I can’t cope with that! I was told by the council that this was a homeless relief duty and would last for 56 days before I can even be considered for a council flat list.

I don’t know if I will be able to cope with this situation I’m used to be on my own and feel socially awkward I don’t feel comfortable people can pick up that there’s something wrong with me and I’m just anxious being around people. There are days where I’m scared to even go to the bathroom because I don’t wanna see any people. This is stressing me out and I’m starting to feel suicidal again. Someone please help me is there no way of skipping this 56days homeless relief duty and just get on a council list straight away or no way to be put into your own temporary accommodation and how do I go on about it ?
Fairy Lucretia

Fairy Lucretia

Well-known member
Apr 9, 2011
Magical fairy wonderland xxxx
hi what an awful situation to be in i really feel for you x you need to get your gp involved
when my sister was temporarily homeless ,they put her ina hotel where she had her own room
she tried supported housing but could not cope with it

please fight to get a room of your own
we are here to listen and support Lu x


Well-known member
Jul 31, 2020
I have no idea what that situation is like. Maybe you can hear from someone who does or read about it online.


Well-known member
Jul 9, 2013
i kmow how you feel.....i have bad social anxiety......im isolated too.....i stayed in a homeless hostel for about 5 months....it was ok.....nobody hassled me


Dec 9, 2020
there is too many people in the world these days for most introverts. its overstimulating. which creates too much internal energy.

i used to bicycle for 100 miles, then afterwards i would be nice and relaxed around people haha
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