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so very down.



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Feb 15, 2010

I'm new here and was looking for some guidance.

i've been working in my job for 6 years and am a fully qualified watch repair. i am 29 year old married female. I work in a shopping centre and all i get all day is nasty comments about how young i look.. people wanting to deal with 'man'. people feel the need to walk up and threaten me. (i work on my own in a oval shaped kiosk) people also accuse me of being a rip off etc when i don't set prices it's the company i work for. i've had people yell at me to take my clothes off when i've just discreatly tucked in my shirt. people threaten to punch me because '(customer) "i'm in a bad mood i wanna punch somone" The other day i had someone tell me my marraige was wrong cause he can see it in my heart apperantly. (only been married 2 years and extramely happy) there are so many instances i can't list them but they do get worse.
every day is a struggle and ever day i'm crying when i get home. my husband wants me to leave but we can't really afford it. in recession there are no jobs around (live in midlands) and i enjoy repairing watches i'm damn good at it.

family no help. they run own business but my sister and her husband have taken over (ish) 4 years ago, sister actively against me working for them as i don't have the right 'attitude'. she also stopped my brother as well. now they are employing their best friends. husband really mad at way they treat me. mum thinks it's all in my head and they don't see it happen just she cry's to get her own way. now i live 200 miles away still not far enough.

company i work fo rhave realised how bad it is but can only offer me relief work across uk. don't really want to do it as i'll just get more probs whereever i go and husband and i want to start a family soon and are trying to move house but can't sell the one we've got.

last compnay i worked for discrimanted against me badly. (male invroment) and at one point forced me to paint a wall then procedded to poke my bottom with a broom handle. i left when i was told "we can't offer you a promotion even tho i know you can do the job because they bosses don't want to take a risk on a girl". needless to say i went down hill fast and started self harming. my family didn't care.. only mentioned that if i get another job i'll need to cover my arms. (big family issues to long to go into)
i have been really good recently with the help of my husband and now haven't self harmed for 6 years but i feel like i'm going to start again soon. i gave up smoking 6 years ago as well but started again recently. am in a bad way.
husband very nice helpfull and supportave and would give me the world if he could but still feel like i'm drowning.
need advice anyone. i know there is always someone worse off then me and i'm truely sorry.
thanks for reading


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Mar 17, 2008
Sounds like your having a bit of a rough time.. i worked in retail for four years when I was younger and people were rude. worki in Healthcare now and althought people can be rude its not always there fault.

Ps :welcome: to the forum :)