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So this is my life story. Can someone give me advice ?

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Gigglypuff sad inside

Gigglypuff sad inside

May 18, 2020
Im stuck in a never ending loop.
1. I cant get help because of my controlling abusive family
2. Cant get away from my family if i cant get in college
3. Can’t get in college because i can’t study because im too depressed for that

Context :-
I have extremely strict asian parents who dont exactly believe in depression and they already hate me because I’m the black sheep of the family who’s been failing at everything and who stand against their stupid cultural and religious beliefs when they try to force her to do things like they do .

it’s silly but i believe I’ve always been depressed it just never was “too bad”. And i was still functioning and i was support good at school and i has hobbies and everything. It all changed when i move out to a “boarding school kinda thing” i was alone i lost all my old friends and the kids in that place were so bad and mean and awful
That’s when everything go bad i started having panic attacks and self harming and i slept almost ask the time and obviously my grades went from always 100% to always below 50%. My parents got mad at me and kept telling me how I’m wasting their money and I’ma huge disappointment.
I genuinely wanted to get in need school...i still do i love medicine so much and i want to help people.
But after 3 years of continuously failing to get in plus graduating high school BARELY. Im stuck. I hate life i hate myself more than anything i want nothing more than to die. So i sneaked out last year took my savings with me and saw a psychiatrist
Mind you were have only one psychiatrist here turns out he was a family friend and was friends with all the doctors in my family and he told them... at first i was hopeful. That the doctors family will make my parents understand but now I’ve learned people here will never change...all i got told was “to be happy”
Here i an about to fail my exam again idk what I’m doing with my life...i just want to die if i fail again my parents will take full control of my life and make me do what THEY WANT
Study what they want
Get a job they want
Marry someone they want

i don’t wanna live like that:confused::help:


Well-known member
Jul 9, 2013
well youre doing the right thing by seeking out therapy.....therapy not just helps you deal with depression and anger but it is also about self development.....im sure you will get better by pursuing this path


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May 4, 2020
Hey Gigglypuff, I would advise you to seek an authority figure, like a school councilor or a non-mean-spirited psychiatrist who can convince your parents that it is necessary to get treatment. Also, sometimes in school they are willing to give you a few extra years to finish your study if you suffer from mental illness. This might just give you that edge. Otherwise try and dedicate as much time as you think you can handle to studying. Try to study efficiently instead of reading entire books. Find summaries and make the most of your time in class by documenting everything in a clearly structured way (by using different types of bullet points i.e.). Also ask teachers for clarification about what type of test you will get and what type of knowledge will be tested.

I couldn't think of anything else. Good luck!
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