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So scared and Depressed



New member
Jan 16, 2015
Hey Everyone,

I have never done one of these before but to be honest i am super fucking scared! I have been diagnosed with severe OCD that has completely attacked and attempted in destroying everything that i care about in my life! My 2 primary areas of OCD are Scrupulosity and Relational. I have obsessions that seem different from everybody else so i'm just trying to find someone to relate too! Unlike most people with God obsessions i dont get scared i wont be able to get into heaven. I obsess over who God is and if he is someone that is horrible. Also i have had body dismorhia about my girlfriend and think she means one horrible thing when she actually means another. It sucks so bad. This is all the strength i have to write about right now! I can share my story later because my OCD history goes way back with almost every type of obsessions imaginable!

Purple Chaos

Purple Chaos

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Oct 23, 2014
Hi Hutton and welcome to the forum.

I'm glad you found the strength to post here. Having such obsessions must make life extremely difficult at times.

It gets a little quiet on the forum at this time of night but there are many members here who I'm sure will be able to relate to your issues. We're all very supportive anyway so I hope that you continue with your story as and when you feel able to.


Hi ! Sending you a big hug xxx It's good you found the strength to come on here and post . Please don't be scared this forum is a fantastic place to come we all have different MH issues but it's a good sounding board . Though I don't have the same diagnosis mine is depression , anxiety and Vasovagal attacks . I can sympathise with how much it can effect day to day life . Make sure you get all the help , support and love you need xxx