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So many different meds..over 20 years ..



Jan 18, 2021
I been diagnosed with bipolar type 1 & PTSD delayed expression and anxiety. My main medication doctor who does the treatment at local hospital . he had suggested to try TMS treatment since I have been seeing this Doctor and have good client and doctor ; for the past 6 years or so. So he suggested tms treatment due to many of my new symptoms that I can't understand . I been expressing to both my therapist and his daughter who also works as another Doctor who I have started meeting with before the virus in which I seen her too.

I have been on now 1 - 20mg of Geodon in morning with 1 - 1mg Klonopin. Than 80mg of Geodon at bedtime with Trileptal 300mg . yet I dont know what the next step with dealing with my manic high and lows . I writing poetry most of my time and than I try and color and sketch .


Well-known member
Dec 11, 2020
hey i feel you. my meds changed drastically lately and i know its not easy but you should try to drink enough and rest more that usually. you can do it:)
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