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So it's official: my life is always going to suck!



At least, I think it will. I really no longer have the confidence left in me to bother doing anything and this entire ordeal has hurt my pride. And I will never get a chance to resolve my issues with **** and ******, so there is that as well.

You probably remember me talking about my former support workers and my ex-girlfriend, and well, me bringing up that I was being arrested, etc. In case you forgot, I have a form of autism and these workers ceased supporting me once I become infatuated with them. However, I felt the higher-ups were dishonest about their status as my workers and one thing lead to another.

Rather unfortunately, the urge to contact them has not really ceased at all, even though it runs the risk of me being imprisoned. In fact, I contacted the two ungrateful aides again a few weeks ago on Facebook (****** and my old key worker, ****). Contacting them in the past to say sorry did not result in anything other than me being arrested by the persistent police, and this was no different. The two caregivers just called the police on me again. Surely they know I will get arrested when they contact them, etc. Yet they probably do not care about me in the least.

Naturally, I know contacting them is futile, but I miss them a lot and I am still bailed by the court to my parents' house. You see, the other judge who had me remanded in jail twice before retired to get another job and he was replaced by another judge who had been interested in taken up my case for a while, but they have deferred the end result yet again for to receive a psychiatry report, which means I must go back on 26 February. Now, I have been away from my flat since July and this is just irritating now.

It is totally boring living with my parents and I wasted money on a hooker recently, just because. Why not? It ain't like there is anything better to spend the money on and I am now convinced, I will never be able to move on from this mentally, so I may as well resign myself to a fate of nothingness, because I am sure as hell gonna be getting social workers on my behind and me finding a way to get over this will be too difficult.

When the police arrested me on a Wednesday which was around 2 weeks ago, I had been out much of that day trying to avoid the them. It was cold and I was shattered, so eventually I needed to rest up. Since there was nowhere to stay, I eventually just went back to my parents' house to lay in bed. They are aware I have an older friend I play pool with, so they keep annoying him as well by going to his place if they want to look for me, and they have my 3 sister's addresses on file too, so I cannot crash at theirs either for fear they would show up at one of their flats.

Shortly after going to bed, the police came and my mother let them in. They were arrogant and I was interviewed in front of an appointed adult, then arrested. The next day, I was in the holding cells for bloody ages and then I was extremely fortunate not to have been jailed yet again.

However, the arrest was only over ******, even though contacting **** was about the same stuff. The law sees it as two separate matters if there are two complaints. So I was thinking, yes, I might be arrested again. So I disappeared, feeling frantic. I called a senior and she said 'nobody had called the police, you can go home', blah, blah. Yeah, right.

Guess what? She is an A grade liar. They had been to get me, only I had gone out. My mother never even let on they had been there either, probably because she was hoping I would come in the house again so she could have me shafted. Plus, I know getting arrested on a Friday means you can be stuck in their foul cell until the following Monday.

I went and found a restroom to stay the night in. The next day, I left it at around 11 AM in the morning (this was a Saturday) and I went to a bakery called Gregg's to get a bite to eat. Right after I turned the corner, I was caught. They rang my mobile number a minute beforehand. It come up saying private, but I had my music on so I never heard the two cops approach me. I am sure they somehow traced my phone signal.

It was one of the two same police that arrested me just 2 to 3 nights previously. Anyway, these two other cops came and the guy who found me said they were my taxi home. Since I apparently felt suicidal, they took me to the Royal Edinburgh Hospital which is for people with mental health issues. We waited in there a while as there were other folk ahead of us and they were probably doing this errand not to help me as such, but just to stall until the facts became apparent, because they were getting radio information. They were probably saying "Peter is our guy" and no doubt they would have been mentioning about me breaching my court order. They've taken me to that hospital before, then arrested me after getting all the juicy facts, so I was thinking in my head there was something a bit "ulterior" about their nice ways. They are scum. But since the arrest was similar to the other one, I just got released on an undertaking after signing paperwork.

Seriously, however: I am never, ever going to get over losing my two cherished workers, who, by the way, do not give a rat's arse about me. None of this crap was ever necessary. I realize they felt uncomfortable over some creepy autistic freak like me having boyish feelings for them, but their supervisors *NEVER* even handled the situation properly to begin with and they never will, so as a result, I ended up charged 8 darn times and jailed 2 times.

My life is effectively as good as over, as I cannot get them outta my head. And I quit my support with the company too and I don't even know what will happen to my flat soon, and all my things are still there too. To be honest, I just feel like screaming. Please, can we do something?
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Aug 30, 2014
Its not that uncommon for people on the Autistic spectrum be get infatuated with people, what I find troubling is that the management in your supported living accommodation didn't have the foresight and immediately reassign you another support worker, we have some people with ASD who like in the supported living complex I live in and they reassign different staff rotationally so this thing don't happen.


Technically, they tried to. But they lied about such and such a person's status.


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Aug 30, 2014
Do you still receive a support package from social services?
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