So hurt



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Nov 22, 2018
I'm here for my husband 1st most and me and my family..we have been thru a lot past four years. Hardest part is the not knowing..I have no answers as to really what's wrong with my husband. One thing to do know is something is wrong.he just up and started acting real scary . he started acuseing me and its not stopped. His symptoms are paranoid. He's paranoid about every little thing somebody says or does.he thinks my trying to kill him.and other people are to. He thinks I've sued in his name and got lots of money that I'm hiding from him. Over some land that him and his family pose to get..he thinks his mama is in on it..he thinks his phones buged and that the feds are on to me and I'm going to jail for the money..he's even called lawyers about it..he locks me and him in the bed room at nite with a pad lock.he's seems to hate me..I've took him to mental his Dr and had test did blood test and stuff..he told the Dr I was poisoning him.test was fine..I have did everything I know to do he won't get help.I was told over and over nothing can be done unless he causes harm to self or others...I know this is long and I'm sorry sometimes it helps just to get it off my mind..seems I'm the one he hurts the most..he's been violent..he ltrys to me link me to everyone .. I'm sure I'm missing all I wanted to say there's so much ..if I could just get along then maybe it wouldn't be as bad. He's getting worse and worse every day..if anyone has any infoe or tips I'd be very greatful.


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Jul 11, 2018
Are you scared he will hurt you?
Have you talked to him about getting help? What did he say if you did?