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So Fustrated



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Jul 14, 2009
A couple of months ago (August) I changed my phone and internet provider from Virgin Media to BT. Only today I recieve a bill, not from BT but Virgin Media..... When I phoned Virgin up they might have well have been speaking to me in Medieval Latin. They accept I dont have a phone line with them but because I didn't phone them up to cancel or close my account myself (BT apparently cancelled it all for me) they charge me not only extra for late payment but they even upgraded my TV package without permission so I had to pay more. It just seems to me that they can send a letter within a few days but no they wanted to make more money out of me, and instead send it 2 months later. I got to admit I have had enough of this country. I would love to renounce my citizenship. But since no country would take someone with my history on..... My anxiety levels are through the roof. I even agreed to them that I would pay for the current large service bill (for which I have had no service at all). WHY!!!??? I accept I would need to pay to end the contract. But who's yaught am I paying for or who's mortgage. In the good old days we would just have a good old riot. That is my rage written down as I thought it was better too. Just imagine what I would of done......

thankyou for listening.

PS I even written to my MP. Why? He probably is paying for his Virgin Media via expenses. I have also contacted Ofcom, the person there couldnt get in edgeways, I nearly bit thier head off. I found them as useful as a chocolate fireguard. Disability discrimination group..... if we depended on them, well I would certainly be joining the "other side". This country only looks after people with money, lots of it....


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oh dear!

Contracts are a bitch eh? Just an aside, my mum got a bill form the local electricity board for...wait for it...£10,000.

wot a joke

My mums friend in her best indian accent, called up the powers above and shouted down the phone saying

"what do you think we're running here a factory"

I think they thought she was crazy - as usual.


hope you get it sorted...