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so confussed



New member
Apr 25, 2010
Hi im new here and could really do with some advice, for the pass 3 yrs my complete personality has changed. i was a happy bubble person until i feel pregnant with my daughter now im just this angry emotional wreck. The pass 8 months have been the hardest mood changes at the drop of a hat.I can't seem to go through the day with out screaming or crying, everything about me is everywhere apart from where i feel it should be the only way i feel i can describe what i feel im going through is, my mind body and soul is slowly being invaded by this thing that i don't know is real or make believe im so scared to speak to my doctor cos he may judge my abilities as a mum my daughter is what i live for an i can not loses her someone please help me.


I think that your doctor is the best person to speak to. She/he would want the best for you. They would be aware of the utmost worth of the mother-child bond, and if they are wise, they will give good advice.

Take care.


Well-known member
Aug 3, 2009
north norfolk
Sounds to me like you have postnatal depression. Your doctor will not judge your ability as a mother, he/she will help you get better.

I have had PND and I saw my doc who gave me some anti depressants, the best decision I ever made.

Modern Society is no longer judgemental of mothers who are depressed. What you probably have is a recognised illness and can also be cured.

Please go see your doc, you need to be healthy for your baby.

Let us know how you get on.