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so anxious and just want tomorrow to be over



Active member
Apr 4, 2012
in my own little world
ok so i have been on long term sick leave from work since december as i was having a really tough time. after 2 sui attempts i was admitted to a mental health ward and tried sui again and SI very badly while i was there.

i was in hospital for a total of 10 weeks, i have had my driving licence taken away and unless i go back to work within the next week my pay will stop, i have applied for benefits to help me pay rent but i have been told that because i have a job (even though i wont be receiving any money from it) i am not entitled to get benefits! STUPID i know

anyways tomorrow i have an assessment whereby i will meet a new doctor for the first time and she will make the decision as to whether i am fit to return to work. this doctor is not a psychiatrist so i dont know how she can really make that decision.

i have to give her no reason to doubt that i am fit to work because if she says no, then that is yet another thing i have to worry about.

im so scared that she will say no and i dont think it is fair that a huge decision that will affect my entire life is going to be made in a 20minute assessment by a total stranger.

she is not a psychiatrist so im scared that if i am too honest then she will say no, i havent SI'd in nearly a month since i got discharged an i can tell that i am so much better than i was then. i dont have intentions of sui and only have small urges to SI which i am able to control.

im so scared i just want to scream!!!

sorry just needed to vent


New member
Apr 20, 2012
East anglia UK
If you tell the doc you think you are ready to go back to work they should be ok with that, If I'm reading correct Im guessing thats what you want to do. not sure what u mean by ""i have to give her no reason to doubt that i am fit to work"

if you dont want to go back to work tell the doctor you need more time and get signed off, they can do up to 28 days usually and the only way to get benefits is to be unemployed so if you think you need a long time then it would probably be best to ask your employer to make you redundant/sacked to get the benefits through quicker.

Im new here so not an expert but I'm having a bad time also.



Apr 21, 2012

My name is nathaniel, I'm 25 and recently got discharged from the army, my fiance and i have been staying with her family and they have been playing on my depression like no other, she has depression and so do i. For a week now we have been having suicidal thaughts plus her family has heen threatening me with physical harm, I'm too the end of my rope and, i just wanna die