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So angry may trigger



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Jun 25, 2014
Firstly, I'm really sorry I've not been on here for a few months, I should really have helped to support others but every time I glanced at this site, it triggered me into feeling bad.

Secondly, I HATE the idiot woman who tried to give me CBT! I could literally hurt myself or someone else I'm so annoyed! The stupid cow! I waited 12 months to see this idiot person.

I just want to know what's wrong with me, not to be spoken to like i'm a daft c***.

I was so patient and waiting 12 pissing months to be told 'we can't help you'

Also, a Psychologist told me last year that I had an episode of Psycosis due to paranoia and hallucinations... then this idiot woman told me that I've never had it... are these professionals lying to me to mess with my head? I can't deal with this anymore. I'm just a joke to the whole world. I just need to find a way to entertain myself till I die because It's all shit and down hill constantly :(
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Jan 15, 2013
Don't feel bad about not supporting others. You always come first :hug1:

I'm sorry after all that waiting it turned out how it did.

Marliee x


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Oct 21, 2014
Hi buttercup,

So sorry to hear what a bad experience you had. I have been messed about by mental health services too, put on waiting lists for therapy, taken off, put back, then told I was not suitable. Also it is very hard to know where you stand with them, sometimes they tell you one thing, then it changes.

Can you ask if there is any alternative therapy or support available?

If not, some have found help in other places, some mental health charities can help. It is worth looking to see if there are any possibilities near where you live. You could look at the local forums here, they are currently being updated to show mental health related activities and support in each area. Therapy privately can be expensive, but sometimes is offered more affordably to people who can't pay high prices. There are self help books and a lot of info online.

Don't give up. I hope you can find some help soon.



Apr 5, 2015
I'm really sorry that these things happened to you. But i don't think that you are a joke to this world. You are very important and unique. To me, That makes you special. But sadly stupid things happen. I don't really have a sophisticated or educated answer to give you. I wish i did.. but all i can tell you is Just keep fighting and don't stop moving forward. I know its hard, and i know how tempting it is to take the quick way out, or how easy it is to hide. But an answer will come, sooner or later.. It just takes time. Hard excruciating time.

I hope everything gets better for you soon..
And i really hope this helps.. (sorry if it didn't)
With much love~


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Apr 6, 2015
I felt messed with by psychology as a whole before, never to your extent though. I never had to wait a year for therapy. I feel so Sorry for you. I hope things work out and you get the help you need and deserve. It makes me feel lucky. So you did help me a bit. Persistence pays off though. But then again I pushed off getting help for so long that when I finally "boiled" over I was dressed as a female with a pistol in my hand. Guess that might have been an indicator that something was wrong, lol;)


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Jun 25, 2014
Thanks for all your nice comments. I'm much calmer today. I snapped yesterday, my poor boyfriend is probably worried about coming home after work today.

I'm going to contact the doctors surgery today and get an appointment and perhaps go back on meds :( I just hate the side affects so much though.

I will pay for my own therapy because I can't go on waiting around, will just have to make some cut backs.

Thanks again for your very kind responses
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