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Woke up, nightmare, sweating, panic !!
get these a lot, feel there is something awful pursuing me ??
Have spoken to Doctors about it, got sleeping pills,
they hardly work !
Things from the ID ,
events from childhood, still haunt me ??
Get so angry when I hear about child abuse,
"Mother" on the news dipped her babies dummy in methadone !!
Baby almost died !!
F##king hate Scum like her !!!
Children should be loved and nurtured !!!



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Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
Hi Delatext, not spoke to anyone on here for ages. I cant sleep. Feel so anxious i have been sick. Been up since 5. You mention events from your childhood. That must be so hard to deal with. I hope you find some strength. That woman with the methadone should never be allowed to have kept her kid. They are so much for keeping these kids with their parents so as not to hurt the parent, but what about the kids, there childhoods or ruined or all to often cut short becuase of these people who cant even look after their selves never mind a child. I have had direct experience with two cases of child abuse and nothing was done in either case. all we could do was look after the kid while he was at our house and wash and feed him. the other one is still with her mother and father who are known to all the town as complete junkies, the baby is only 2 and tiny. always dirty. and social services wont remove her. wtf. life is wrong x


Thanks for concern, I get white hot rage about this !!
Junkie Parents who ruin not just their lives , but the children suffer !!
I know some do turn their lives around but the majority do not !!
The children should always come first, the cases you talk about are happening all over the world.
Cruelty, Child abuse the punishments are a joke ???
People who behave like this are not parents in any shape or form !!
How many Baby P's does it take to change the law ???:cry2::mad::mad::mad: