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I'm so sick of not being able to sleep in a regular pattern it is becoming a real problem. I had three days off work last week not feeling very well and I am sure it was no coincidence that I was having problems getting to sleep during that time.

This then makes me feel sick which then makes it harder for me to sleep. I have taken meds for it, I have self medicated, I have used natural remedies with limited success but now i don't know what to do.

I am being treated for my sleep as a part of my MH problems, but I am begining to wonder if this the best way of doing it or whether I have a genuine sleep disorder.

When I was younger I shared a room. I would regularly keep my siblings up with my constant chatter as at night my mind came alive. I would keep them up to the point of them being in tears with exhaustion. It was not malicious I just had no concept of how this was affecting them. Quite often my parents would scold us several times a night to be quiet and get to sleep. Very often even if I went to bed as early as seven i would still be awake when my parents went to bed. Or my parents would remove me from the room and put me in their bed until i fell asleep when they could return me to my room so my siblings got to sleep.

This issue has caused me so many other issues, I found it hard to concentrate at school, I was often emotional, I find working difficult, it effects my eating as I feel so sick and tired I don't want to eat, but then my body tries to stay awake incase it gets a meal.

I think I'm drastically going to have to alter my sleep routine or diet or something to break this, but am at a loss at to where to start and of course tiredness effects my motivation and ability to do this. I feel like I am in a viscious circle. Once I am asleep I very often stay asleep for a very long time, but it is getting to sleep that is the issue.

I have work tomorrow, I'm not sure if i will be able to wake myself up.


Right going to attempt to go to sleep for the third time tonight wish me luck! :sleep:


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Oct 20, 2009

I can appreciate a lot of what you have said, I can be real tired, yawning etc.. put my head down....... and zing I am awake and fully alert.... dam...

at the moment, I am not staying asleep either .... but as you will have read in my journal, I have always been a none sleeper ........

Have you tried zopiclone, it knocks you out but wont keep you asleep, but it thats what you need , I think you can use it twice a week and it will continue working, at least you could plan some sleep, they do have there draw backs, you cant use them all the time, and they are addictive.... but if you can manage the use of them, then ok.

I also have the problem of planning tommorow........ it drives me nuts, I have just resigned myself to getting as much sleep as I can , when I can, setting 2 alam clocks, getting up and doing , but I do not have a 9 to 5 job, 5 days a week, when I did work I was lucky to get 2 hours a night and some catch up on weekends, for a while I had sleepers, but they never realy work for long ....... :(