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Mar 11, 2009
I'm sure this is a biggie for a lot of you and has prob been asked before but I really need to sort out my sleep:

:eek: I am always soo tired even though I don't do much
:mad: Im awake at night and find it hard to switch off
:eek: I wake up sweating
:mad:I then always wake up soo early and end up dozing till lunch time

Even if I wake up early and stay up all day I still find I am unable to settle at night and am so exausted and frustrated!!

Some nights, like tonight I am really tired but have so much going on in my head. I think about going out for a walk as I hate being stuck in my room.

I have tried hot milk, baths, excersize, relaxing music etc and I have no sleeping pills left (which don;t help much either!!)

Any advice??


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Oct 20, 2008
I sympathise - my daughter has been like this her whole life. We have yet to find a 'magic cure', but one thing I have heard about (but we have not yet tried) is to totally reset your body clock over a 24 hour period. Basically it involves going to bed an hour later each night, until eventually you are sleeping during the day, then continuing until you get around to a 'reasonable' evening bed time. Doing this is meant to reset your internal clock. It would take a long time (and is impractical if you have to work everyday!), but I suppose it might work? :sleep:

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