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Sleep patterns



I heard a lot of you say on here, that your sleep is 'All over the place '

When I was taking 10 mg of olanzapine and using cannabis, I would quite often crash out at 4 in the afternoon and sleep 'till nine in the evening and then stay up 'till about 2 in the moning then sleep till 9 in the morning and so on

I'm taking 6 mg of olanzapine now and No dope - I don't often sleep in the afternoons now and i've got more willpower to excercise on my mountain bike, which helps me sleep
BUT more importantly I re-discovered the nostalgia and romanticism that I had lost for so long - like I was missing a dimension
Life was like a landscape painting with all the colour drained out
It's better now
How do you Sleep ?


Sep 22, 2008
Hi Twylight.:)
My sleep is a lot better since starting escitalopram.I was having sleep onset panic attacks most nights before.
I take my meds at night which does make me a bit sleepy.15mg olanzapine,5mg escitalopram and 10mg mirtazopine.If my wife's off work I'll have a drink and a few cannabis cigarettes aswell.
If I'm having a bad day I'll go to bed early about 9pm.If I'm ok I'll stay up till about 11.30 by which time I'll be tipsy and moderately stoned so sleep easily.The only thing that keeps me awake is hunger.I often nip into the kitchen during the night and get myself a bowl of branflakes.
It sounds like you are doing well without cannabis.That's good!


Yes we're all different
Sometimes the lower dose feels a bit ' hairy '
It feels like i've taken procycledine ( kemadrin) - which I used to take when I was on a depot injection - it's a slight upper
But apart from that there's no other symptoms


It feels like i've taken procycledine ( kemadrin) -
I used to love that stuff - many years ago 2 friends were prescribed kemadrin in high doses & they used to give me a lot of their scripts; I used to mix it with alcohol. It's a strong, & I found addictive drug.

Sleep is odd for me. Some nights I can sleep well; recently I have been waking up a lot after an hour or 2 of sleep. Some nights I am tired & asleep early; & other nights I am awake until 3-4AM. I get very vivid & lucid dreams, on an almost nightly basis; but recently they have been calmer.


I have about three hours tonight.

I had some ketamine a couple of months ago it was the most fun I have ever had plus it made me feel so F*****g normal
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