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Sleep Apnea and Depression



It is thought that a large number of people may have undiagnosed Sleep Apnea or sleep disorder. A lot of health problems result from this condition such as Depression and psychological disorders as well as increased Cardiovascular problems and higher risk of stroke and premature death.

If you are overweight and wake up tired (or average weight) and have daytime sleepiness and exhaustion then it might be worth getting checked for this silent and very dangerous condition in which sufferers actually stop breathing up to 300 times every night. They never attain the restoring REM sleep because of the condition.

Sleep Apnea is one of the most undiagnosed diseases in the UK and yet has a simple treatment that works for 99% of sufferers. Snoring loudly can also be an indicator of possible sleep apnea with periods of the person seemingly stopping breathing altogether. The body then has to wake itself up in order to push air through the throat to re open it.

The effects are devastating on an individual's quality of life and they soon lose interest in work and hobbies etc... and can become clinically depressed as a result of constant sleep deprivation although it is likely they won't consider they have a condition because it happens when they are unconscious.

If you are unsure but think you may have the disorder then get your partner to record your snoring and breathing while your are asleep or use a personal recorder to record yourself if you are single and live alone.

It was my sister who noticed that I stopped breathing at regular intervals (inbetween snoring) when we were on holiday and she could hear me gasping for breath in her room. I am now being referred to a sleep clinic for the overnight test for sleep apnea. I'm still not sure I have this condition but the possibility of having a stroke because of sleep deprivation and the possibility of my depression being helped by restoring my sleeping pattern - I feel I had to at least get it checked on behalf of my sister's concern for me.

I'll let you know how I get on when my referral comes through from the hospital to spend the night there.

all the best


I had to have quite a bit of surgery due to the fact I was snoring and I had sleep apnoea and while it hasn't stopped the depressive part of my illness, being able to sleep through the night does improve my ability to cope. That and the fact I can sleep more easily now helps.
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